No-Sew Conversation Heart Pillows

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 15 2024

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite crafty holidays. If you follow me you know I love conversation heart crafts and today I teamed up with Testors Craft to share one of my favorite projects! I am sharing a no-sew version but you can definitely sew this pillow as well. To create vibrant, colorful pillows I am using Testors Craft Spray Fabric Spray Paint. I love how rich the color is and that it is washable! 

Valentines Day No Sew Conversation Heart Pillows


*You can purchase Testors Craft Fabric Spray Paint at Menards, True Value and Do-It-Best stores.

Project Video: 


  1. Fold the large sheet of paper in half. Draw half of a heart on the folded side of the paper. Cut out and unfold to reveal a perfect heart. 
  2. Make sure the heart is large enough to fit the message you want to spell out with the sticker letters. 
  3. Trace the heart 2x using the pencil on the fabric and cut out both pieces. 
  4. On one heart stick the stickers on the center to spell out your desired messages. If the stickers are not sticking completely flat to the fabric, use additional double sided tape or glue dots. You want the stickers to be as flush against the fabric as possible. 
  5. It is time to paint! First make sure you are in a well ventilated room or outdoors. Cover your surface and be sure to read the safety information and instructions on the can of Testors Craft Fabric Spray Paint before getting started. Once you are ready place both hearts side by side. 
  6. Shake the can of Testors Craft Spray Paint thoroughly. Start by spraying in sweeping motions 8-12" from the hearts. Continue until both hearts are completely covered. 
  7. Wait for the paint to dry for 30-60 minutes. It will absorb into the fabric so you might need to do a second coat. 
  8. Once your paint is dry, remove the stickers! TADA! You are on your way to a conversation heart pillow. 
  9. Place the pillow pieces with the faces together. Using fabric glue to glue the two pieces together leaving about 5" inches open. You can also sew this together. I used fabric hot glue but any fabric glue will work.
  10. Flip the pillow right outside out. Stuff with Poly-fil. Flip the open edges inward and glue together to seal the pillow.  

TADA! I am obsess with how these pillows came out. I loved the first one so much I made two more! 

No Sew Fabric Conversation Heart Pillows

No Sew Fabric Conversation Heart Pillow

Remember that Testors Craft Fabric Spray Paint is available in a variety of colors at Menards, True Value and Do-It-Best stores. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

xoxo- Lynn

This post is sponsored by Testors Craft but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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No-Sew Conversation Heart Pillows Valentine's Day Crafts


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