Deflecto Quick Tip: Container Gardening

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 21 2022

I have a longing to have a green thumb. My thumb is brown but I am always asking expert gardening friends tips I can try. They are definitely helping! One think I do know is how to stay organized with gardening. My Deflecto Stackable Caddy is the perfect organizer for container gardening! 

Project Video: 

Project Materials:

Container Gardening Tips:

  1. Think about the sun. Where are you going to plant? Make sure you pick out plants that work in the sun or shade and remember which is which when placing your pots.
  2. When selecting your soil, be sure to select one that works for a container garden, i.e. "Moisture control potting mix".
  3. Remember to think about different colors, heights and even plants like the goldy locks that will spill over the edge when picking out your plants and flowers.
  4. Don't fill your pot too much because remember ... your plants will grow!
  5. Water water water!

This post is sponsored by Deflecto Storage but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xoxo - Lynn

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