3 Baby Animal Nursery Crafts

by Sierra Buford, Jul 19 2022

I love a sweet baby animal nursery! Lorrie created a collection of projects using the Cricut Maker and Cricut Design Space! The animal files can all be found on Design space! Enjoy a tutorial video for each project! These could be super cute for a shower or playroom! 

Project #1: Baby Animal Nursery Clock

Project Video:

Project Materials:

  • Cricut
  • Shadow box
  • Tape
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Drill
  • Clock Mechanism
  • Paper Adhesive

Project Instructions:

  1. Take the shadow box apart
  2. Cut 1 piece of scrapbook paper to fit the backing of the shadow box
  3. Cut 1 piece smaller for the center
  4. Tape or glue them together them together
  5. Drill a hole in the middle & insert your clock mechanism from the back
  6. Add your animals to at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00
  7. Place the clock inside of the shadow box and secure the backing back

Project #2: DIY Baby Animal Nursery Lamp

Project Video:

Project Materials:

  • Cricut and Adhesive Vinyl
  • Lamp
  • Tape/Paper Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint and Flat Top Stencil Brush
  • Stencils
  • Scrapbook Paper

Project Instructions:

  1. Take your lamp apart
  2. Design and cut a leaf stencil with the Cricut
  3. Place your adhesive stencil onto the lamp shade
  4. Paint on the inside of the leaf stencil. Remove the stencil while the paint is still slightly wet
  5. Clean the stencil
  6. Repeat the stencil around the lamp
  7. Design and cut an animal of your choice. Assemble with tape or glue. 
  8. Attach the animal to the base of lamp. 
  9. Re-assemble the lamp. 

Project #3: DIY Felt Animal Buckets

Proiect Video: 

Project Materials:

  • Cricut 
  • Scissors
  • Felt (colors based on the animals selected)
  • Cloth or Paper Storage Buckets/Bins
  • Lynn Lilly Glue Gun
  • Velcro

Project Instructions: 

  1. Design and cut each animal template with your Cricut and Cricut Design Space.
  2. Trace and cut the pieces onto your felt and cut out. You should have 1 smaller and 1 bigger elephant.
  3. Adhere the animal parts
  4. Add a velcro patch to the back of the elephant and velcro onto the front of your storage container if it is fabric. You can also glue it. 


Happy Crafting! 

Lynn & Lorrie



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