DIY Cardboard Box Monster Trick or Treat Station

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 30 2023

It's a Monster Bash! One of my favorite Halloween themes is monsters. They are not too scary and can be colorful and fun! This year I am trying to get creative with trick or treat stations and ways in which trick or treaters can grab their own candy! In addition to trick or treat I am making my Halloween Egg Hunt Monster themed this year so I am I wanted to make something that could work for both. 

I took some old shipping boxes, Rust-Oleum Imagine Spray Paint, pom poms, googley eyes and pipe cleaners and cardstock and created 3 fun Monster trick or treat boxes. 



  1. Draw mouths on the boxes and cut out with a craft knife. Make the openings large enough for a child's hand to fit through and grab candy. 
  2. Take the boxes and the canvas panel outside to spray paint. Before getting started make sure to read the safety instructions and shake the cans really well. 
  3. Holding the paint can about 8-12 inches from the box spray with sweeping motions. I sprayed each box a different color. I sprayed the canvas panel with the Chalkboard Spray Paint. Depending on the color of the box you might need 2 coats. Let each coat dry before applying a second. 
  4. Once the boxes are dry bring them back inside and turn them into monsters with googley eyes, pom poms and pipe cleaners. Monster Trick or Treat BoxesMonster Trick or Treat BoxesMonster Trick or Treat Boxes
  5. To make the chalkboard sign, I created an image on and printed it.  
  6. Using a piece of chalk I colored all over the back of the image, making sure to completely cover the image with chalk. You can shake off the excess dust. 
  7. Place the design face side up in the center of the canvas panel. Use the washi tape to hold it in place. 
  8. Trace the letters with a pencil applying light pressure. 
  9. Once you are done remove the tape and design and you will see the chalk transferred the design to the canvas. 
  10. Trace over the chalk with chalk marker. Let it dry. Once dry, shake off the dust.  
  11. Add ribbon to spice up the canvas.  

My daughter got to play Halloween a little early and she loved the Monster Trick or Treat Boxes! I love how easy they were to make and decorate with Rust-Oleum Imagine Spray Paints! 

DIY Monster Trick or Treat Boxes

Monster Trick or Treat BoxesMonster Trick or Treat Boxes

Happy Halloween! 


This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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