DIY Christmas Village

by Meghan Quinones, Dec 17 2019

Add some charm to your mantle or shelf with this simple DIY wooden Christmas village!

When I was at Michael’s a while back I spotted these adorable wooden pieces shaped like a house in their dollar section. I immediately thought they would be perfect to transform into tiny houses for the holidays. I didn’t buy them at the time since it was early March and it felt way too early to start Christmas crafting! So, when I saw them again a couple of weeks ago I grabbed a few along with some rectangle pieces of wood to make my own DIY wooden Christmas village.

Check out my quick tutorial below to see how you can add this festive mini village to your home this holiday season!



Step 1: Paint all of the wooden pieces white. Once the paint is dry, add additional coats if needed.

Step 2: Use a pencil to sketch out windows, a door, and garland.

Step 3: Go over the design with the gold paint pen.

Step 4: Cut your green pipe cleaner 3.5” long and bend it into a circle. Then, add a glue dot to the ends to secure. Cut a piece of ribbon 4” long and tie a bow. Add a glue dot to the back and place on the pipe cleaner.

Step 5: Add a glue dot to the back of the wreath and place it on the door.

Step 6: Use a Cricut to cut dimensional trees out of the glitter paper. You can also cut these by hand by drawing two trees and cutting a slit at the top of one tree and a slit at the bottom of the other tree.

Step 7: Slide the tree with the bottom slit over the tree with the top slit to create your dimensional tree.

Now, the only thing left to do is arrange your houses and trees on a shelf or mantle. You could take it one step further and add some faux snow to make it feel even more realistic and festive!

DIY Christmas Village

DIY Christmas Village

Happy Holidays! 

- Meghan Quinones 

Meghan Quinones is a Craft Box Girls contributor as well as a blogger, content creator and author of her blog Happiness is Creating

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