DIY Doughnut Stands

by Chan Vu, Sep 04 2017

Dessert bars are one of my favorite things to set up for a party. Yeah, the food is important but dessert always leave a lasting impression when there are variety of choices and the presentation is eye-catching. One thing that is unexpected for a dessert bar is doughnuts. Let me tell you, the unexpected is the wow factor. What better way to present the tasty doughnuts than with a DIY doughnut tower?  

I made the doughnut stand from a combination of wooden pieces I found at Hobby Lobby by Woodpile Fun. I used the wooden napkin rings, tread wheels and dowels from the photo below. It is important the dowel fits into the tread wheels to hold the doughnuts in place. Once you find these main supplies than you are ready to build a doughnut stand.

DIY Doughnut Stands

Supplies to Make a Doughnut Stand:

1 wooden dowel 3/8 inch 

1 tread wheel with 3/8 inch hole

2-3 napkin rings

hot glue

spray paint



1. Hot glue the napkin rings together. You can stack 2 - 3 rings if you want or leave it as one tier. 

DIY Doughnut Ring

2. Hot glue the tread wheel to the top of the napkin ring.

DIY Doughnut Stand

3. You can glue the dowel in place inside the tread wheel if you like. I chose to not glue the dowel and just insert it when needed.. This allows easy storage when I transport or break down the stands. 

DIY Doughnut Stand

4. Spray paint the stand in any color you desire. Let dry and finish off with a clear protective coat. Follow these steps again to make multiple and colorful doughnut stands.

DIY Doughnut Stand

Now that the doughnut stands are done, get ready to blow your guests away with stackable doughnut towers!

DIY Doughnut Stand

DIY Doughnut Stand

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