3D Floral Letters

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 04 2017

Fall entertaining season is in full effect and I am on a mission to create simple and festive decor that will help you up your party game! Monograms will never go out of style, especially here in the South! Enjoy this simple 3D floral monogram craft that wow friends and family! 

The Project: DIY 3D Floral Letters


  • 16 Inch paper mache letter
  • Craft knife
  • Spray paint color of your choice (optional)
  • Floral foam
  • Faux flowers 
  • Floral clippers


  1. Use the craft knife to remove the top of the letter. Make sure to trace very close to the edge.  
  2. If the lines are not straight you can go back and trim the edges once the top is removed. Remove the supporting cardboard inside the letter.                                  
  3. On a covered surface, outside or in a well ventilated room spray paint the inside, sides and back of the letter. Let the letter dry for 5 minutes before flipping sides. I painted mine with Krylon's Cover Maxx Metallic Gold. This step is optional as you can leave the paper mache raw. 
  4. Cut foam pieces to fit the inside of the letter. The pieces should be snug within the letter and the thickness of the foam should be half as thick as the letter.
  5. Next trim flower stems to 1 inch and insert in the foam. Continue until the entire letter is covered.
  6. Display at your next dinner party or as decor on your mantel!

Pro Tip: Replace faux flowers with real blooms. Dampen the foam slightly before inserting in the letter. If you use real blooms and need the letter to last a few days store in the refrigerator between uses and sprinkle the flowers lightly with water.  

xoxo- LL

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