DIY Felt Slippers

by Chan Vu, Oct 25 2017

The holidays are all about giving. So, I love giving handmade gifts because it's one of a kind and it comes directly from my heart. One handmade gift that I'm obsessed with is felt slippers. I've made some comfortable felt slippers for myself that doesn't require measuring or a sewing machine! It's true! The slippers fit comfortably and I can totally give this away as a gift this holiday season. All you need is a pair of their flip flops and you're ready to make a pair of these DIY felt slippers! 

DIY Felt Slippers


2 sheets of 12x18 premium felt


matching thread 


10 ball head straight pins

Pair of old flip flops


DIY Felt Slippers


1. Use the old flip flops to trace the shoe outline onto a sheet of felt slippers. You should have a left and right piece. Let's call this the feet.

2. On the second sheet of felt, cut two long equal strips and two rectangular strips large enough to extend 1 inch over the toes of the feet.

3. Now, you'll make the top cover of the slipper. Pin the rectangular piece starting with the bottom left corner to the middle of the feet. Pin the top part of the rectangle piece to the top part of the feet. Do the same for the bottom right corner to the middle of the feet.  In between the pins, leave extra room to raise the rectangular cover. Use your fist to gauge how much room you need for your feet. You can always stick your feet inside to see how much room you'll need. Do the same for the other feet. See photo for example.

4.Trim off the excess felt. 

5. Sew the outline of the feet and top cover. Remember to be patient and take your time to have the best result. If you run out of thread, re-thread and continue. I like to double thread for extra support and strength. 

6. Next, line the left corner of the long felt strip that you cut out in step 2 to the middle edge of the slipper. Wrap the strip around the ankle of the feet and meet at the middle edge of the right side.  The top corner should be pinned to the middle edge of the slipper. This creates a wrap around the ankle of the slipper.

7. Trim off the excess felt. 

8. Sew the outline of the bottom slipper to the back of the slipper. Do this for the other feet as well.

9. Create a rose using the extra felt. This is optional but the rose adds a nice touch to the felt slippers. Start by cutting a scalloped spiral around and round. Then cut off the excess felt. Roll the scalloped spiral and sew the bottom petals together.  You can use hot glue if that is easier. Remember to make one for the other side too. Again this step is completely optional. 


10. Sew the rose to the sides of the slippers to give it some femininity.

See how easy that was? Didn't I say no measurement or sewing machine needed? This project turned out perfect that I made a few more for me in other colors. I made a gift for my mom and surprised her with a gray pair of slippers. She said they were comfortable enough to sleep in! The best thing is the project only cost me around $5! Who will you make these slippers for?

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