10 Ways to Fold Napkins

by Chan Vu, Oct 31 2017

There are so many things I enjoy about hosting dinner parties. The food, booze, company and table setting makes the whole experience fantastic. Yes, I said table setting. I have a ton of gorgeous linens but napkin folding has always been a challenge for me. Do you agree? I always try to hide a napkin under a plate just to get by. Luckily, I researched and practiced my napkin folding techniques for a while now to bring you this absolutely necessary article. Here are 10 ways to fold napkins for every occasion. Save this article because you're going to use this throughout the year. 

10 Ways to Fold Napkins for All Occasions

10 Ways to Fold Napkins

I came up with 10 easy ways to fold napkins that anyone can do. These folds and table setting is acceptable for all occasions and seasons. You can switch these up and use them for whatever occasion you want. 

1. Summer Cookout

Napkin Fold for Summer Cook Out

This fold is one of the easiest. I call it the Summer Cookout because this was the fold I did for a summer cookout once so the name stuck with me. Fold the napkin diagonally. Fold the corners up to meet the top corner. Fold the napkin back and close the corners in. 

2. Summer Corn

Summer Corn

This fold is harder. Fold the napkin diagonally. Fold the corners up to the top point of the triangle. Fold the corner of the flaps back down so it's a half triangle. Fold the back triangle tip down 3/4 of the way. Flip the napkin over and bring the side angles in like hugging arms. Tuck the angles into the pockets of each other. Peel the top layer down on each side like a corn husk. That's why I call it Summer Corn. 

3. Summer Trifecta

Summer Trifecta

I call this a Summer Trifecta because the napkin has three slots for a spoon, fork and knife. Fold the napkin two ways into a square. Fold the corner down evenly. Fold the second layer down and tuck the corner behind  the first layer. Fold the third layer down the same way as the second layer. Fold the left side back 1/3 of the square. Then fold the right side the exact same way. You should have a slot for all three utensils. 

4. Fall Leaf

Fall Leaf Napkin

This giant fall leaf is eye catching when you use a popping color like orange. Fold the napkin diagonally. At the bottom tip of the triangle, fold a zig zag 1 inch apart until you reach the longest side of the triangle. Bend the midpoint and fold the napkin in half. Tie a string around the folded end. Iron the napkin fold to press on the crease. Lay the leaf on a plate.

5. Fall Thankful

Fall Thankful

Fold a napkin diagonally. Bring the middle tip into the middle of the longest side. Take the top point of the triangle and fold it down but not crossing the middle point. From the top, start rolling the napkin all the way down. Tie the roll with a string. The napkin should look like a candle.

6. Winter Holiday

Winter Holiday

This is a good table setting when your guests are sitting very close together. The flatware are tucked into the napkin. Start by folding the napkin in half long way. Fold one half down to meet the middle crease of the napkin. Fold the napkin in half and then in quarter leaving a middle pocket to tuck the flatware. Add Rosemary or holy berries for some holiday cheer. 

7. Winter Bow

Winter Bow

Start by folding the napkin diagonally. Fold the longest side 1 inch until you reach the middle. Fold the middle point of the triangle in 2 inches. Continue folding the rest of the napkin all the way. Bend the top leg down and bottom leg up making a X. Pinch the middle and tie a glitzzy string to make the bow. 

8. Spring Simple

Summer  Simple

This is the easiest fold ever. The hard work is jazzing the napkin with a flower or strings. Fold the napkin in half long way. Roll the napkin from one end to the other. Tie a string to keep it together. 

9. Spring Bunny

Spring Bunny

This is the hardest fold ever but worth the effort because the napkin looks like a bunny rabbit. It's perfect for Easter. Fold the napkin in half long way and then half again. Fold the ends down from the middle to look like a house. Fold the bottom corners up diagonally. Turn the napkin around and bring the side corners in to meet in the middle. Fold the sides in and tuck the corners in between the folds. Make sure the tuck is tight. Turn the napkin around and fluff the bunny ears. 

10. Summer Rose

Summer Rose

This is an adorable fold for weddings and summer garden parties. Start by folding the napkin diagonally. From the longest side, fold 1 inch again and again to 3/4 of the way. From the longest end, roll the napkin all the way over. Tuck the remaining flap into the loose flap above the roll. Fold the two flap over to cup the rose. Add a green leaf under the rose. 

There you go folks. You have 10 ways to fold napkins for every occasion for the year. Practice makes perfect. 

10 Ways to Fold Napkins for All Ocassions

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