DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

by Aimee Broussard, Dec 04 2017

Hey y'all, Aimee here from Southern From Scratch excited as can be to share these DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins. They are super fun to create and will add just the right amount of flair to your beverage cart this season. 

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

It seems as though tassels are everywhere these days- on napkins and placemats and even used as garlands.  I thought it would be fun, however,  to create some cocktail napkins with holiday inspired colored tassels to keep on the bar cart this season. I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out and smile every time I walk by. 

For this project you'll need: 

  • Cocktail napkins (or 1/2 yd fabric) 
  • Pinking Sheers (if cutting your own napkins) 
  • Desired Colored Yarn 
  • Needle & Thread 
  • Heat Transfer Material (if you have a cutting system & plan on monogramming)

Now, if you're able to find plain fabric cocktail napkins you can certainly save yourself a step by not having to cut your own. I had some leftover linen like fabric from a previous project that I used instead. 

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

To get started, I used a paper cocktail napkin as my guide and when it measured out to be about a 10x10 square, I got busy cutting out all my squares. **Using pinking sheers will keep the napkins from fraying and keep you from having to sew edges.  Once you have your squares cut, fold each napkin in half lengthwise, and then again to create a square. To get the crisp folds, simply spray with some starch and iron down each fold. 

Now you'll need to make some tassels. 

Most tutorials will advise you to use a piece of sturdy cardboard and you can certainly do that. I couldn't seem to find a cardboard box anywhere and decided to use a plastic download card (it's about the size of a gift card- so that will work just as well). Honestly, I think the plastic works much better than the cardboard because it can withstand the multiple times it will get wrapped with yarn. 

Beginning at the bottom of the cardboard/plastic guide, wrap the yarn around about 8-10 times. Loop an extra piece of yarn through the top. Before sliding the yarn off the guide, use that top piece of yarn to double knot the tassel. Slide the yarn off of the guide and cut the bottom loops. Use another piece of yarn to tie a knot toward the top of the yarn dangles. The piece of yarn should be long enough to knot, then join the remaining yarn pieces. Trim if necessary. 

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

To assemble, simply use a needle and thread to attach the tassels to the corners of the cocktail napkins. 

I used two tassels in the right corner of my napkins, but I've already decided to make more napkins with tassels on each corner. 

WARNING: Tassel making is addictive and super fun to do while watching the Hallmark Channel. 

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

The napkins look great as is, but if you're like me and monogram everything within reach....

Add a monogram! Paired with a bottle of wine you have a perfect and personalized neighbor gift! 

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

Cheers & Happy Holidays y'all!

DIY Holiday Cocktail Napkins

Be sure to join me on my website, Southern From Scratch for delicious recipes and more sweet Southern charm. 

Aimee B.

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