DIY Industrial Pipe Desk

by Chan Vu, Apr 27 2017

Move over rustic! The industrial look is slowly popping up in furniture stores and all over the internet. I'm obsessed with galvanized pipes for bookshelves, coffee tables, end tables and desks. If you have been shopping for industrial-inspired furniture then you know how expensive it is. You can easily spend $500 plus for a bookshelf and $600 for a standing desk. Ridiculous right? Well, I can show you how to make an industrial pipe desk for $100! Seriously!

DIY Industrial Pipe Desk


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1. Use wood glue to seal in the 3'X7" wood side by side. Then glue 3"x21" wood panels along the ends of the board. 

Step 1 of Industrial pipe desk

2. Pre-drill each ends of the middle board. Drill two screws onto each end of the board to secure the end panels to the desk. 

Step 2 of Industrial pipe desk

3. Place a flange at each corner of the desk. Pre-drill the holes to hold the flange in place. Finally, drill the screws in to all four flanges.

Step 3 of Industrial pipe desk

4. Sand down the edges of the board to prevent splinters. Also, sand the surface of the board for a smooth finish.

Step 4 of Industrial pipe desk

5. Stain the desk's surface and underneath using a brush. Allow the stain to dry completely. 

Step 5 of Industrial pipe desk

6. Twist the galvanized pipes into the flanges and you are done!

Step 6 of Industrial pipe desk

Did you think you could make this desk in 6 easy steps? The hard work is picking the right wood for your desk and having someone at the hardware store cut it for you. I love Home Depot because of that service. But you know, I can work any electric saw if I have to. I know you can too. 

My desk is a standing desk or you can always pull up a stool. It's small enough to be placed in the kitchen or family room. It's great for any room really and a fraction of the price. I'm loving it!

DIY Industrial pipe desk

DIY Industrial pipe desk

DIY Industrial pipe desk

DIY Industrial pipe desk

DIY Industrial pipe desk

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