DIY Kids Playroom Sign

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 10 2019

This post is sponsored by Brother Crafts but all opinions and thoughts are my own!

Our collection of toys, books, and stuffed animals is growing by the day. I am currently working on designing a playroom for Lily and making creative decorations that will hopefully inspire many fun days for my sweet girl. My Brother ScanNCut DX is sure coming in handy to get all my projects done quickly. This sign only took 20 minutes to make utilizing the easy design tools in CanvasWorkspace

For this project, you need adhesive vinyl, transfer tape, a standard grip mat, a wood plaque, pom poms and glue. 


  1. Open a new project in CanvasWorkspace. The words Play and Smile were predesigned in the Logo section and then I selected the fun text to spell out Laugh.  
  2. Once you are happy with the design download directly to the ScanNCut DX. 
  3. Go over to the ScanNCut DX and retrieve the data. 
  4. Cut pieces of vinyl large enough to fit each word and place on the standard grip mat. 
  5. Feed the mat into the machine.
  6. Select scan. The machine will scan the mat and the vinyl pieces will populate on the screen.   
  7. This will allow you to make sure the cut design is lined up properly. 
  8. Before cutting make sure Half Cut is set on the machine. 
  9. Once the cut is complete, peel the vinyl back to reveal the design. Weed out the areas inside the letters. 
  10. Cut pieces of transfer tape large enough for each word. Apply over the letters. Peel back removing the letters from the paper backing to reveal their sticky back.
  11. Use hot glue to add the pom poms around the edge of the wood plaque. 
  12. Place words face up on the board with the sticky part of the transfer tape facing down and adhering to the plaque. 
  13. Use the scraper that came with the machine to scrape across the letters and adhere the vinyl to the plaque. 
  14. Carefully peel back the transfer tape and the vinyl should stick to the plaque! 
  15. If the plaque does not have picture hangers, add sawtooth hangers to the back by simply hammering them in.  

TADA! How fun is this sign! 

Lily wanted to check it out before we hung it! 

DIY Playroom Sign

If you want some tips on using heat transfer vinyl on the Brother ScanNCut DX check out my post on how to make a DIY Helicopter Day T-shirt. 

xoxo- Lynn 

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