DIY Marble Place Holders

by Maria Provenzano, Feb 14 2017

DIY Marble Place Holders

I just love marble! Over the past few years it has been everywhere in home décor from extravagant kitchens to small accent pieces. Marble is very elegant, and can also be very expensive, but DIYers always seem to find a way to make expensive items at a fraction of the price. These DIY Marble Place Holders, for example, are made with oven-baked clay to create the marbled look in a very customized and inexpensive way!

There are so many things you can make with clay, and these DIY Place Holders are a perfect way to glam up your dinner party. These can be used as name place holders, or they can be used on a buffet to label the food you have displayed. I love when I am at a party and all of the food is labeled so that I actually know what I am eating. Those of us with food allergies are always overly cautious about what we are eating when we are at parties.

Then, to make these even more customized, you can change up the colors of the marble to anything you like. If you are doing a “pink” theme, then you can make them all different shades of pink. The world is your oyster!


DIY Marble Place Holders


Oven-Bake Clay in desired colors

Rolling pin, or something similar for rolling it out

Wax paper

Parchement paper; optional

Baking sheet


*Choose at least two different colors of clay

*Roll the clay in your hands to warm it a bit

*Use your hands to roll the clay into a long log

*Repeat with the other colors

*Place them together and roll into one piece

*Fold it in half

*Roll it out again; and fold in half and roll again (see pictures)

*Roll until it creates a “marbled” look

*Use your hands to press the clay into a round shape; you can also place it between two sheets of wax paper and roll it out with a rolling pin

*You want it to be pretty thick, at least ¼ to ½ inch

*Use a cookie cutter to cut them in the shape you like

*Place onto a baking sheet, I like to cover the baking sheet with parchment paper

*Press a line in the center using a knife, or something similar to create a space for the paper that will have the name on it

*You can also roll these into a ball and create a line down the middle to make it a place holder

*Follow the directions on the box to bake the clay

*Allow to cool completely, then they are ready to use as place card holders!

DIY Marble Place Holders

DIY Marble Place Holders

DIY Marble Place Holders

DIY Marble Place Holders

DIY Marble Place Holders

DIY Marble Place Holders

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