DIY No Sew Christmas Present Sack

by Lynn Lilly, Dec 01 2022

A no-sew Christmas gift sack is a perfect project for the holidays!. With 3 fat quarters of fabric, some ribbon, and Eclectic Fabri-Fuse, you can make a bag that Santa himself will envy. 


  • 2 fabric fat quarters (same pattern)
  • 1 coordinating fabric fat quarter
  • Ribbon
  • Fabri-Fuse
  • Fabric scissors


  1. Lay out the 2 matching fabric fat quarters.  Flip 1 over and lay on top of the other so that the pattern is facing inward. Glue 3 of the edges together using Fabri-Fuse leaving one edge open. Allow glue to dry.
  2. Cut two 6” wide strips of the coordinating fat quarter. Flip one over so that the pattern is facing inward on both pieces. Glue the bottom of each strip to the top of each panel of the sack. Glue the sides together but leave about 2 inches from the top unglued to leave room for the drawstring.
  3. Lay ribbon about 2 inches from the top of the fabric. Fold fabric down over the ribbon. Leave some clearance around the ribbon to allow the ribbon to move to act as a drawstring. Glue the edges of the fabric. Allow glue to dry. 
  4. Turn the entire sack inside out. 
  5. Glue ribbon to the sack to hide where the two fabric patterns meet. 
  6. Cut a small strip of the coordinating fabric to create a pocket (the size of the pocket is at your discretion based on the amount of fabric you have left).
  7. Glue 3 sides of the fabric to the front of the sack, leaving the top edge open.
  8. Use ribbon to trim the edges of the pocket for a finished look. 

You will look like one of Santa’s helpers when you bring in Christmas gifts inside this sack!

Happy Crafting! 

This post is sponsored by Eclectic but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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