DIY North Pole Yard Sign

by Lynn Lilly, Dec 07 2016

Eeeeee..... I am kind of obsessed with this sign. I set out to make a simple yard sign to add to my outdoor decorations and by the time I was done dressing it up, I decided it was too cute to put outside. After it makes it debut on Atlanta & Company tomorrow will find it's home on my fireplace. The second best thing about this project is that I made it for under $20 with materials Michaels.

DIY North Pole Sign


  • Thin wood panels (pre-cut at Michaels)- Pack of 3 is $1.99
  • Wood yard stake - $1.99
  • Larger Rectangular Panel - $1.99
  • Wooden letters- I had these but you could use stencils instead.
  • White paint marker - $3.99
  • Red paint marker- $3.99
  • Staple Gun & 1/2 inch staples 
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Ribbon, snowflakes, garland - all bits and leftovers from trimming my trees
  • Krylon Spray Paint in Red, White or Green (or pick your own colors)

DIY North Pole Sign


  1. Paint the yard stake white and the panels alternating red, white and green. 
  2. Paint the letters, N-O-R-T-H-P-O-L-E white.                                  
  3. Once all pieces are painted, use a hot glue to attach the letters to the large panel. 
  4. Use paint markers to write fun says like, Reindeer Games, Candy Cane Lane, Santa's Workshop, Elf Dormitory, Reindeer Stables, Sugar Plum Playground, etc. 
  5. Position the panels on on the stake. Carefully attach with the staple gun. If the staples don't go all the way in the board, use a hammer to pound them in. 
  6. The staples looked like sore thumb so I took a tiny paint brush and painted them so they blended in. 
  7. Next I took extra trimmings, ribbon, ornaments, etc to add fluff to the sign. Use a hot glue gun to attach any fluff. 
  8. TADA!!!

If you want to keep the sign inside, stick in a bucket like I did below. You can fill your bucket with cement or rocks. 

Happy Holidays!! 

LL :)

DIY North Pole Yard Sign

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