DIY Paint Pallet Costume

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 01 2022

Paint the perfect picture this Halloween with a quick and easy do it yourself paint pallet costume! Make the paint pallet, sash, buret, and brush in an hour using felt, Beacon Adhesives, glitter, pipe cleaners and a wrapping paper tube and paint. 


  • Beacon Adhesives Fast Finish Decoupage, Fabri-Tac, Felt Glue, Spray Adhesive
  • Cardboard Tube
  • Black Acrylic Paint & Brush
  • Black Glitter
  • Brown Pipe Cleaners
  • Felt in Gray, White & Rainbow Colors
  • Rainbow Colors of Glitter
  • White Fabric
  • White or Black Dress or Pants/Shirt

DIY Paint Pallet Costume

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xoxo- Lynn

This video was a collaboration between Craft Box Girls and Beacon Adhesives. All opinions are my own!

DIY Paint Pallet Costume

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