Unicorn Costume for Dogs

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 01 2022

It's the year of the unicorn and with Halloween just around the corner, your pet can dress up and have a little fun too. This unicorn costume requires sewing, gluing and lots of hair! I had such a fun time making this and watching Tate, our CBG mascot, enjoy his fantastic costume. Get the camera ready because this is about to get super adorable.


sheet of white felt

1 square foot of shiny gold fabric

hot glue

rainbow yarn

white thread

small piece of poly-fil 



white ribbon


The first part of this costume is to make the unicorn horn. First, take shiny gold fabric and roll it into a cone. Use the hot glue to seal the "cone". Next, smooth out the base of the horn by cutting it round and smooth. To ensure the horn stays upright, stuff the inside of the horn with poly-fil. Close the bottom of the horn by cutting a round piece of leftover gold fabric and sew it to the rim of the horn. Set the horn aside and start cutting two pieces of 8x3 inch felt with rounded ends. Glue it together for stability. Finally, sew the base of the horn at the end of the felt. 

The second part of this project is to make the rainbow hair.  Take the rainbow yarn and cut stacks of yarns 4 inches long. The idea is to fill the felt pad with rainbow yarn for hair. Heat up the glue gun. Keeping the yarn at the same length, apply hot glue to a small section of the felt. Stick the end of the yarn on the hot glue and remember to keep a consistent pattern in the front and sides of the felt pad. Continue to glue the yarn and fill up the white felt. 

The final step to completing this project is to sew the ribbon to each ends of the felt pad. The top ribbon underneath the horn keeps the horn on the dog's head. The lower ribbon is strapped around the dog's body to keep the hair in place. 

It might take some adjustments to get the costume on your dog. Tate stood completely still for a while then finally accepted the costume. He looks so adorable with his golden horn and rainbow locks. When he runs, watch the majestic hair flow in the air. This costume is not just for Halloween but for any occasion that allows a unicorn to run around freely. 

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  • Princess Starlight Unicorn on

    SOOOOO CUTE!!! I can’t wait to try and make this for my doggies, Pegasis and Dottiecorn!

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