DIY Personalized Spring Family Wall Sign

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 06 2020

This post is sponsored by Brother P-touch Embellish but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Spring is here and I am ready to add some fun and color to my home!  March is also National Craft Month and I have partnered with Brother P-touch Embellish ELITE to celebrate with a series of easy DIY projects that you can personalize in minutes! I am kicking off the celebrations with a fun personalized wall sign that is great for the kitchen, mudroom or even your craft room. 

I have been a long time user of the Brother P-touch Embellish and I am even more excited with all the new features that the P-touch Embellish ELITE offers. The ability to print on ~1" satin ribbon and tape is a game changer.  I love how easy it is to add a personal touch to any craft in minutes with the new Brother P-touch Embellish ELITE. You can easily purchase the P-touch Embellish ELITE in their new online store

P-touch Embellish ELITE



  1. Open the Brother P-touch Design&Print App on a mobile device or a desktop computer. 
  2. Insert the mint green cartridge. From the Home Screen select Create Your Own Label. Select the mint green ribbon 0.94”  from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Type the message, "A Kind World is Like a Spring Day". Select the style font you like best and increase the font size to the max limit. 
Brother P-touch ELITE
         4. Set ribbon length to 15 inches and print.    
5. Switch the cartridge to the pastel purple tape and go to the Home Screen.
6. Select Create Your Own Label. 
7. Change the ribbon color to pastel purple tape with a 0.94" width size. 
8. Select the border and pick the zigzag line border. 
9. Type a message that is special to your family. I broke my message up into three lines.
P-touch Embellish ELITE
          10. For a fun effect trim the edges with pinking shears.  
      11. Switch the cartridge to the pink ribbon. Go back to the home screen. 
      12. Select Pattern. I picked the paisley pattern. Select the pink 0.94”  ribbon             from the dropdown menu. 
      13. Select the length of 3" and 3 copies.Brother P-touch ELITE
      14. Set the ribbon and tape aside. 
      15. Using the felt cut and make a variety of felt flowers. My favorite is a rose             because you just have to cut a scalloped circle, roll, and glue. Felt Flowers
      16. Next, use watercolor paint to paint a watering can. 
     17. Once the can is dry layout the felt flowers and pink pattern ribbon you made       and use a pencil to make marks of the outline of the flowers. Cut out the                   watering can outline. 
     18. Glue the flowers and ribbon in place. Glue the watering can to the wood             board. 
      19. Using stationary dots adhere to the mint green inspiration message to the          board next to the watering can. DIY Personalized Spring Sign

    TADA you have your own personalized sign. You can make this project as detailed or as simple as you want but the one thing that is easy no matter what you make is that you can personalize any project with the Brother P-touch Embellish ELITE in minutes. 

    Brother P-touch Embellish ELITE Personalize Spring Wall Decor

    DIY Personalized Wall Sign with Felt Flowers

    DIY Felt Flower Personalize Spring Wall Sign

    xoxo- Lynn


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