DIY String Art Flower Vase

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 05 2017

I have wanted to try my hand at string art for a while and finally found the perfect excuse. As I was brainstorming for my weekly television segment, I thought a DIY string art project could be the perfect Spring home decor project. I experimented a few different ways to figure out the quickest and the easiest way to make string art that incorporates dollar store flowers to make it simple for you! Once of the biggest things, I found out was that you definitely need nails with a wide head. It is essential for the nail to have a head to catch the hold the string. Ok enough talk.... check out this simple easy project! 

DIY String Art


  • Wood plank
  • Stain (optional)
  • Nails 
  • Hammer
  • String
  • Fake Flowers
  • Chalk


  1. If you are using a raw piece of wood, sand and stain it. Let the stain dry for at least an hour prior to starting the project. 
  2. Use a piece of chalk to draw the design on the board.  
  3. Hammer the nails into the board along the chalk lines. Make sure you have a nail at every corner or intersection of lines.   
  4. Start at a corner or end and tie the string to the nail. Make sure to double knot the string.   
  5. Wrap around each nail, making a full circle around each nail head. Hold string tight while you are wrapping (this is essential). Nothing is worse than the letting string slip from your fingers as you are about to complete a section.  
  6. When you reach the end a section, loop back around to go back through the section retracing your path and twisting the string around each nail head. This will create double, more defined lines. Continue until you finish the design. 
  7. Using your finger or a paper towel dust off the chalk marks. If there are small areas you can't get to use a small paint brush. 
  8. For the vase insert flowers underneath the nails and string. The flowers should stay secure with out glue. For the "love" I added a small section to hold flowers! 
  9. Display and enjoy!! 

DIY String Art

DIY String Art

xoxo- LL

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