DIY Tie-Dye Easter Baskets

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 22 2023

Just when I thought I had tie-dyed everything I realized I have not tie-dyed an Easter Basket liner! So I thought it was time to try! The new Tulip Pastel One Step Tie-Dye Kit is perfect for Easter!  I made a basket for each of my girls and added the perfect personalized touch with Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint! 


  • Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit
  • Easter Basket Liner
  • Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint
  • Wire Cooling Rack (optional)


  1. Open the Tie-Dye Kit and read the instructions. 
  2. Cover your surface with the enclosed plastic table cloth. 
  3. Select the 2-3 colors from the kit, fill them with water, close the top and shake over a trash can until all the powder is dissolved. 
  4. Remove the liner from the basket. I found that wetting the basket liner helps the dye absorb into the course fabric better. 
  5. Use the enclosed rubber bands to band a design. 
  6. Set the wire rack on the plastic table cloth and the basket liner on the rack. 
  7. Add dye to your basket liner slowly. Be careful to not muddle the colors. 
  8. Once you are done adding dye, wipe the table cloth with paper towels and absorb all excess die. Once clean wrap your basket liner in the liner and secure it with extra rubber bands. 
  9. The instructions say to let it sit for 6-8 hours. I found that the material of a typical basket liner was more coarse and if I let it sit for closer to 10-12 hours the color was richer. 
  10. Next, remove the plastic and rubber bands in a sink or bath tube. Run the basket liner under the faucet until the water runs clean. 
  11. Wash the basket by itself with a small drop of laundry detergent. 
  12. Let the basket air dry to avoid shrinkage in the dryer. 
  13. If it is still wrinkled once it is dry you can iron it! 
  14. Tie the basket liner to the basket! 
  15. I used Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint to personalize the basket for each of my girls! 

I absolutely love how these turned out and I can't wait for my girls to get them at Easter! 

DIY Tie-Dye Easter Basket Craft

Happy Crafting! 


This post is sponsored by Tulip but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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