Spring She-Shed Refresh

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 28 2023

I never could have dreamed of having my own She-Shed. I have seen them in magazines and on television and have always thought how amazing it would be to have a private retreat to relax and unwind. With a twist of fate and a lot of good negotiating we ended up moving in to our dream home last December and it just so happens there is a She-Shed!!!!! 

She-Shed Refresh

The previous owner designed our home beautifully and surprised me by leaving the She-Shed furnished! It was a blessing and a gift that I can't thank her enough for!  

I love her style and all the furnishings but in true DIY fashion I wanted to put my own touch on the She-Shed so I set out to give it a little spring refresh! 

My friends at Mud Pie where up for helping me refresh and let me shop their site for spring decor to help me add to the refresh! They also gave me the perfect Spring Dress, the Pam Balloon Sleeve Dress in Pink (I wore a small) that highlights my love of color and worked great with the refresh! 

Below I compile all the refresh DIYs and product links just in case you want to incorporate any of these items into your spaces! 

This refresh was extra special. My daughter, Lily help me with the decorating and had a say in where everything went! She is so proud of the design!

Ready, Set Refresh! 


I loved the decor and the design but I wanted my love of color to show through in the design. 

She-Shed Makeover

First I swapped out the carpet for this blue outdoor rug and a cream runner at the entrance. I gave the current carpet a good cleaning and we are using it in our basement.  Note: The blue rug needed about a week to lay flat. 

Next I decided to paint a few of the furniture pieces. I started with the coffee table. I sprayed it with Colorshot Marshmallow (white) Spray Paint and used the clear gloss finish spray paint. 

I decorated it with a simple faux topiary I picked up at Home Goods. 

 She-Shed Refresh

Next I painted the side table with pink spray paint and sealed it with a clear gloss finish spray paint. To decorate the table I added one of the white ceramic table lamps, a ceramic boot vase with paper flowers (I had this in my craft room) and the Mud Pie Small Paulownia Citronella Candle (great for keeping those pesky mosquitos out of the She-Shed).

She-Shed Refresh

I sanded as much of the flaking paint off the bench as I could by hand. This bench is pretty old and I think an electric sander would have damaged it. I then pained it with a light gray chalk paint. I used a matte spray paint sealant. 

She-Shed Bench Makeover

I tossed the pillow that was on the seat of the bench and replaced it with the Cream Pom Pom Pillow from Mud Pie. I wanted to add a custom touch to it so I used my Cricut to add a glitter iron on that will add a little daily motivation. "She who dares wins". 

She-Shed Decor

Behind that pillow I used pink pom pom pillows from Amazon to complete this cozy bench. 

She-Shed Decor

To complete the side table by the window I added the Beaded Pedestal Riser Set from Mudpie, accented the table with a Pink Dinner Napkin. The small chair and tin wheel barrel are from Michaels Stores and the coasters are from a local gift shop. 

She-Shed Decorations

For the back wall, I kept the wall tapestry but centered it on the wall. I added a welcome sign (from Michaels) above it. 

She-Shed Decorations

I completely cleared the table and decorated it with a decorative table top suitcase, light blue cake stand and a strand of wood beads that were part of the original decor. I wanted to have motivations and inspirations through the she-shed so I added a few cute wood signs to this table along with a decorative metal bicycle and vase. I added a pop of pink with one of the Pink Dinner Napkins from MudpieShe-Shed Decorations

The star of the refresh is Large So Happy Dangling Gnome. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. Lily also loves him so much! With his dangling legs, Gnomie is 46.5" tall and about 8" wide. He sits perfectly in this gnome side wood chair that was part of the original She-Shed Design. 

Giant Spring Gnome Decoration

Mud Pie Giant Gnome Decoration

The wreaths on the doors are facing inward because I didn't want them to get weathered and they look great when the doors are open. She-Shed Decorations

The front corner got a little boost of color with a light blue pom pom pillow, a pink cozy blanket and this fun birdcage floral arrangement I made. The birdcage is from Michaels Stores. She-Shed Makeover

The side table next to the chair has a few pops of color with the Mud Pie Small Hobnail Glass Vase Set filled with faux florals. I wanted to have a photo of my girls in the She-Shed so I took the Mud Pie Beaded Recipe Card Holder (matches the pedestals) and switched the included recipe cards with a photo and used my P-touch Embellish to add the words "Daughters Make the Best Friends".  She-Shed Home Decor

I love how fresh, airing and colorful the She-Shed is! It is the perfect place for me to unwind or to relax while the girls play in the yard! I plan to refresh for each season holiday so stay tuned for the Summer Refresh! 

DIY She-Shed Design

Happy Spring! 

Lynn :) 


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