DIY Tie-Dye Kids Jean Jacket

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 30 2023

Fall is almost here and my daughter Lily has been asking for another jean jacket. It was the perfect opportunity for me to try tie-dying jean material for the first time. I used the Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Mega Value Kit. There is enough bottles to tie dye multiple projects and there is a bonus fabric glitter spray. It was the perfect pop of sparkle to make my daughter obsessed with this jean jacket! Check out this easy project! 

Project Video: 


DIY Fall Tie-Dye Kids Jean Jacket



  1. Cover your surface with the plastic included in the kit. 
  2. Soak the jean jacket in water until it is wet all the way through. 
  3. Select your dye colors. I wanted to go with fall tones but still have something bright that could work all year. 
  4. Pick a design and band the jean jacket with the included rubber bands. I went with a simple bubble banding since this was the first time dying jean and it is not super flexible. 
  5. Fill dye bottles and shake over a trash can until the powder is dissolved. 
  6. Apple dye to each bubble making sure you use enough dye to soak through the jean fabric. 
  7. When you are finished applying dye, wrap the jacket in the plastic and use rubber bands to secure the bundle so no dye leaks out. 
  8. Let the jacket sit for 6-8 hours. The longer you let it process the more vibrant the colors will become. 
  9. Once it is done processing, cut away the rubber bands and run it under cold water until the water runs clean. 
  10. I like to let my jacket lay flat to dry for a few hours before washing it for the first time. 
  11. Once you are ready to wash it, fill the washing machine with water, use a small amount detergent and wash jacket by itself. 
  12. Hang or machine dry! 
  13. If you want to add glitter, spray when the fabric is damp or dry and then let the glitter dry for a few hours before wearing. 

TADA! Lily loves her new jean jacket! She said it reminds her of a sunflower! 

 DIY Tie-Dye Kids Fall Jean Jacket


Happy Crafting! 

Lynn :) 

This post is sponsored by Tulip but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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