Dollar Store Craft: 5 Dollars 5 Minutes 5 Ways

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 07 2022

Project: Dollar Store Craft: $5 Dollars 5 Minutes 5 Ways 

When it comes to crafts, I love easy, inexpensive and versatile. I partnered with Aleene's Tacky Glue and hopped in my car for a trip to the Dollar Store. I spent $5 (this was before the hike to $1.25 an item) for 5 supplies and gathered a few simple things I had in the studio (which you probably have at home) and created one 5 minute project that you can use 5 different ways! 

Project Video: 



  • Dollar store glass or plastic container
  • Ribbon
  • Glass candle stick holder
  • Bottle of Aleenes Original Tacky Glue
  • Pack of pipe cleaners
  • From home stash: Clothes pin and scissors

Project Instructions: 

  1. Use Aleenes original tacky glue to glue your jar to your candle stick.
  2. Make a bow with your ribbon while your jar is drying.
  3. Use your clothes pin to hold the center of your bow in place while it dries.
  4. Twist the bow around the base of the jar with the pipe cleaner and trim the pipe cleaners excess ends.

5 Ways to Use Your Jar:

1. Craft Room

5 Dollar 5 Minute Craft

2. Coffee Station

5 Dollar Crafts

3. Work Desk

5 Dollar 5 Minute Crafts

4. Candy Holder

5 Dollar Crafts

5. Faux Terrarium

5 Dollar Crafts

 xoxo - Lynn

This post is sponsored by Allene's but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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