Draw Along: Unicorn Name Sign

by Lynn Lilly, May 13 2024

Today we are going to learn how to create artwork around our name! I created a unicorn but you could easily make this a monster or puppy dog! Get ready to follow along and have some fun. Don’t forget you can always put your own spin on the projects and pick your favorite colors.

Project Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate 


  • Washable Markers
  • White Paper (from Washable Paint Kit)
  • Glitter Glue
  • Erasable Colored Pencils



  1. Pick a maker and write your name across the middle of the middle of the page. 
  2. Draw a triangle above your name in the center leaving the bottom open. This is the unicorn horn. 
  3. Draw curved lines inside the horn. 
  4. At the top corner of the first letter of your name, draw an ear. 
  5. Draw a matching ear off above the corner of the last letter of your name. 
  6. Underneath your name, draw two upside down “u” shapes for the unicorn eyes.
  7. Add eyelashes to the eyes (optional) 
  8. Pick a new color of marker.
  9. Between the horn and the ear draw a small “u”.
  10. Starting on the inside of the “u”, draw an upside down “u” that. They will look like they are interlocking.
  11. Draw “u” shapes around the first two “u” shapes to create a rose flower.
  12. Draw another flower by the other ear.
  13. Switch marker colors and draw more flowers. Use as many or as little colors as you like changing up the shapes and sizes of the flowers. 
  14. Once you have drawn all your flowers, draw leaves in and around the flower crown. 
  15. Use the primrose marker to drawn lines inside the ears (optional) 
  16. Add two dots for the nose below the eyes and a smile. 
  17. Use the original color you used to write your name to draw one large “u” around the face of the unicorn from ear to ear. 
  18. Use the Erasable Color Pencils to color in some of the flowers, leaves and ears. 
  19. Finish your unicorn sign by adding glitter glue to the horn! 


TADA! You create different variations of the name sign. Don’t want a flower crown, skip the flower crown and add sunglasses.

We hope you enjoyed this Camp Craft Box project! Parents, share your child’s craft on the Camp Craft Box Facebook Group. Don’t forget to tag @crayola and @craftboxgirls and use the hashtag #CampCraftBox if you share your child's projects on social media. 

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