Edible Flag Party Display

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 26 2023

Summer holidays are the perfect excuse to play with your food and create fun displays! My latest creation is an edible American flag party display. Made with simple foods that everyone at your Summer party can enjoy! 

Blue Corner & Stars: Blueberries were a no brainer! My latest obsession is cake balls made with box cake mixes and these made the perfect faux stars! 

Vanilla Peanut Butter Pecan Cake Balls:


  • White Cake Mix (bake according to box instructions)
  • Half a Can of Vanilla Frosting (they sell mini Pillsbury frosting cans at the Dollar Store)
  • 3/4 cup Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Crushed Pecans


  1. Crumble cake into small pieces. It is easiest to use your hands (don't forget to wash them before).
  2. Mix in frosting and peanut butter. Again, it is easiest to use your hands. 
  3. Roll cake into 1-2 inch balls. 
  4. Roll in crushed pecans. 
  5. TADA!! Enjoy

Red & White Stripes

  • Red: Jell-o shooters (if it is a kid friendly party make them alcohol free)
  • White: Mini Coconut Cream Pies (get our quick recipe here)
  • Red: Licorice 
  • White: Mini powdered donuts are always a crowd pleaser!
  • Red: Watermelon balls sprinkled with kosher salt and served in red cupcake liners.
  • White: White Chocolate Salted Smores Much (melt white chocolate mix with pretzels, marshmallows and graham crackers. Top with sea salt. Let set on for 15 minutes)

Edible Flag Party Display

Edible Flag Party Display

For each display line a table with parchment paper. This way your food can sit right on the parchment paper for a cleaner display! 

Happy Summering! 

xoxo- LL


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