Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray

by Anna Teal, Jun 08 2017

I can't believe it's June already! Father's Day is almost here and sometimes, finding the perfect gift for dad can be challenging for the man who has everything. This year, I decided to make my dad a sentimental catchall tray lined with a map of his favorite place to visit, Alaska. Alaska holds a very special place in both our hearts! In fact, we are heading out there again later this year for a little fly fishing and quality time.

Here's what you'll need:

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Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray


Print out a custom map of your dad's favorite place on a standard inkjet printer. I found this map from Alaska.org's historic archives! You can print and adjust the size of real life authentic maps! Most states have these types of maps digitized so get creative and explore.


Using the flat brush, apply Mod Podge matte to the back of your paper map and also to the tray's surface. Apply the map to the tray and make sure to smooth out any bubbles with your fingertips.

 Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray

Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray

TIP: If your fingers don't do the trick or you have a lot of bubbles, there's a Mod Podge brayer that can help make this step easier. 

 TIP: An angled flat brush can help you get Mod Podge into corners. This is super helpful when crafting on surfaces with edges and crevices. 

Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray

TIP: The reason I used the ultra matte chalk formula is because I didn't want the finish to be visible around the map and on top of the tray where I applied it to seal the project.  Sometimes, with other formulas, you will have visible brushstrokes where you can tell it was decoupaged.  With Mod Podge matte chalk, it looks like the tray was made with the map in it and you can't even tell it was decoupaged! This is my favorite formula for that very reason!


Once the Mod Podge has dried, go back and apply another layer on top of the map to seal it.  Don't worry, Mod Podge dries clear so you won't have any white hazy spots.

Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray


Wrap it up and gift it to dad for Father's Day! 

 Father's Day DIY Catchall Tray

I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a special DIY catchall for Father’s Day! Now that you've mastered your decoupage skills, you can explore all types of fun projects for any gift giving occasion!

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Much love,


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