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by Lynn Lilly, Dec 23 2021

This week on my Crayola Facebook Live broadcast I am giving you an inside look at my favorite craft kits from! Get a look at what comes in each kit and watch me make the projects! I am showcasing the Signature Hanging Planters Kit, Signature Clay Marbled Trinket Dishes, Signature Paint Pour Canvas, Camp Craft Box Winter Wonderland and my daughter's favorite Scribble Scrubbie Kits

Watch the replay of today's live! 

Crayola Craft Kits

Camp Craft Box Winter Wonderland

We teamed up Crayola for our 4th edition of Camp Craft Box. This edition of our virtual kids craft is winter themed and provides kids with a box of Crayola craft supplies shipped to their door, tutorials for 9 winter themed craft projects led by me, activity sheets and access for parents to join a private group! Get all the details sign up for Camp Craft Box Winter Wonderland

Camp Craft Box Winter Wonderland

As a bonus there is also an adult edition! Check out all the details and create art with me! 

Camp Craft Box Winter Wonderland

Scribble Scrubbie: Backyard Bungalow, Cloud Clubhouse and Peculiar Pets

Scirbble Scrubbie is a household favorite. Lily starting playing with them collecting different animals last year and it is still a favorite toy that plays with consistently. 

Today I am sharing 3 unique kits and how fun they are to decorate, play with and then scrub clean! 

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie


Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

Signature Canvas Paint Pour

This kit is fun for all ages and pretty much impossible to mess up. Every canvas comes out as a fun unique design! 

Crayola Signature Canvas Paint Pour

Crayola Signature Marbled Trinket Clay Dishes

This was my favorite Signature kit! I love the marbled design and again this another craft that is almost impossible to screw up! 

Crayola Signature Marbled Trinket Dishes

Crayola Signature Clay Hanging Planters

These planters make for a fun house decoration or a gift. You can get creative with the shape and design! 

Crayola Signature Hanging Vases

Shop all the kits on 

Stay tuned for two more broadcast before the holidays! See you Tuesdays at 1:00pm EST!

Happy Holidays

Lynn :) 

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