Gold Foil Pumpkins

by Chan Vu, Sep 06 2017

Maria's got the Midas touch this fall! Check out our latest show, From Scratch with Maria, featuring these beautiful pumpkins wrapped in shiny gold foil.

About Maria

Maria lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and beautiful (and crazy) 3-year-old son. 99.9% of the time she is covered in flour, paint, or glitter! When she is not creating, you can find her with her mom tribe, doing yoga, or drinking lots of coffee!

Maria's parents always taught her to make the small things in life memorable and unique, and that is the heart of From Scratch. She wants to inspire you to be hands-on with your life, and create something that is unique to you. If you start to cook, craft, and create, you will be happy, and so will the people around you.


We hope you enjoy our convenient shoppable materials list. Just so you know, Craft Box Girls may collect a share of the sales from the links on this page.


Gold Foil Pumpkins

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