Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

by Chan Vu, Sep 05 2017

Don't let your child go trick or treating with a pillow case this year. Make them the cutest little Halloween trick or treat bag on the block. Turn this project into a fun day of sewing and crafting. Your kids will love it.

To make 1 bag, you will need:
  • 3 felt fabrics (8.5 X 11.5) white, orange or green
  • 1 black and/or white felt 
  • 4 paper fasteners
  • crafting thread
  • giant needle
  • scissors
1. Select which design you like. You will need 2 whole felt fabrics of the same color.
2. Thread the needle and sew the edge of the felt to form a bag. Leave the top side open.
3. Cut the eyes, nose, and mouth using the black and/or white felt fabric. Glue pieces to the front of the felt fabric.
4. Cut 2 strips of same fabric 1 X 11.5. Use the scissors to poke a hole for the fastener. Fasten the felt handle to the bag. This is the handle of the bag.
5. Repeat the same steps the other side of the bag. 
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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