Hot Dog Pencil Case

by Lynn Lilly, May 31 2021

Hot Doggity Dog! Let’s make a fun craft for your desk! Today, we are going to turn a craft roll into a hot dog pencil holder. If you want to make something a little extra, you can create a matching ketchup and mustard bottle! Here is what you need:

Project Difficulty: Beginner


  • Construction Paper in Orange, Green, Yellow, Red
  • White Paper from the Paint Kit
  • Erasable Colored Pencils
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

Additional Materials:

  • 6-inch Craft Roll (1 if you are just going to make the hot dog, 3 if you want to make the hot dog, ketchup, and mustard)
  • Small Paper Plate (optional)
  • Template (Click to open, save to desktop and print)



Directions for the Hot Dog Pencil Holder:

  1. Print out the template if you want to use to trace each piece.
  2. Take the pink piece of construction paper, lay the craft roll at the end of the page. Roll the craft roll along the page and trace the line as you go. Make sure to roll the craft roll around one time.  
  3. Cut out the shape. Use the glue stick to rub glue on the piece of paper and wrap around the craft roll. Use your fingers to apply pressure and rub. 
  4. Trace and cut the bun piece from the template on the orange construction paper.  
  5. Use the glue stick to glue the bun around the hot dog. 
  6. Next, take the white paper. Cut a thin strip along the edge. Cut the strip into small pieces. These are the onions. 
  7. I love pickles! Trace and cut the pickles on the green construction paper. You can cut as many or as little as you like. Draw seeds on them with a green colored pencil. 
  8. Next trace and cut the squiggles of ketchup on red construction and mustard on the yellow construction paper. 
  9. Glue the small paper plate around the bun. This is how they serve it at a carnival! 
  10. Use the glue stick to glue the pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. 

Directions for the Ketchup/Mustard Pencil Holder:


  • Red and Yellow Construction Paper
  • White Paper from the Paint Kit
  • Glue Stick
  • Erasable Color Pencil
  • Scissors

Materials Not In Your Box:

  • Craft Roll (2 if you are making both the ketchup and the mustard)


  1. Cut a piece of red construction paper to fit around the craft roll. Use the same technique in step 2 of making your hot dog. 
  2. Glue this around the craft roll. 
  3. Cut out the template for the ketchup/mustard top on the construction paper. Glue it to the top of the craft roll. 
  4. Cut out the template for the label and draw a label. Glue it to the craft roll. 

How fun is the hot dog and condiment pencil and supply holder for your desk!

We hope you enjoyed this Camp Craft Box project! Parents, share your child’s craft on the Camp Craft Box Facebook Group. Don’t forget to tag @crayola and @craftboxgirls and use the hashtag #CampCraftBox if you share your child's projects on social media. 


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