Patriotic Cupcake Bites

by Laura Carrozza, Jun 27 2017

Happy Birthday, America! In honor of this amazing day, I wanted to make something fun, special and different that everyone would love! It's easy and looks kinda fancy and that will make you guests think you spent a long time making them! 

What you'll need:

  • 1 box white cake mix
  • Vanilla icing
  • Red and blue food dye
  • Small circle cookie cutter
  • Sprinkles and decor

Step One:

Follow the directions on the back on the cake mix box and then separate the batter equally into three bowls. Add desired amount of the blue and red food dye into the bowls. The more dye you add, the richer the color will be. One color at a time, pour batter into 9x9 baking pans and bake as directed from the box. Repeat this step for each bowl of batter. 

patriotic cupcake bites

Step Two:

After you have baked all three cakes and they have cooled, take a circle cookie cutter (the small the better) and cut out circles in your cake. Next, you will take your circle cake pieces and add a little icing to the blue and place the white cake piece on top, then add a little icing to the white and top it off with the red cake piece. Then repeat, repeat, repeat until you have a bunch of cute little cupcake bites!

Step Three:

Ice the tops of the cupcakes and decorate as desired! Then enjoy!

Patriotic Cupcake bites naked cake

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