Pizza Box Fish Tank

by Lynn Lilly, May 31 2021

Keep having fun long after pizza night ends! Today, we are going to turn a pizza pox into a fish tank. Here is what you need for this project:

Project Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Washable Markers
  • Glitter Glue
  • Bright Pop Cardstock
  • Scissor
  • 1 Erasable Colored Pencil
  • Construction Paper (Blue + Your Favorite Colors)
  • Washable Glue Stick

Additional Materials:

  • Cardboard Pizza Box
  • Bowl or Something Circular to Trace
  • Box Cutter or Craft Knife (Adult Use ONLY)


  1. Place the bowl or circular item on top of the pizza box. Use the pencil to trace the outline. 
  3. Take the circle that an adult helped you cut out of the pizza box and trace it on a sheet of blue construction paper. 
  4. Use the scissors to cut the circle out of the center of the box. Fold the paper slight in half and start cutting from the center of the circle. 
  5. Trim the page to fit on the front of the pizza box. I used a small box but if you are using a larger box you will need to cut additional pieces of blue construction paper to cover the lid of the box. 
  6. Use the glue stick to glue the blue paper to the lid of the box. 
  7. Open the box and glue blue construction paper on the inside of the box. 
  8. Close the lid and pick a piece of Bright Pop Cardstock. 
  9. Flip over the Bright Pop Cardstock face down and draw a piece of coral. Cut it out. Make a few more depending on how large your box and the opening is. You can use different patterns of paper.
  10. Glue one piece of coral to the inside lid of the pizza box so it is peeking out of the opening. Glue the second piece to the bottom of the inside box, making sure you can see it through the opening. 
  11. Next, draw and cut out some sea creatures on construction paper. I made a few fish and an octopus. Add details to the creatures with markers. 
  12. Glue the sea creatures on the inside of the pizza box. You can even have some glued to the outside of the box and the inside lid so it looks like they are swimming in to the tank. 
  13. Cut out a small rectangle form construction paper and then a slightly larger one from a piece of Bright Pop. Use the glue stick to glue them together. 
  14. Glue the the rectangles above the opening of the fish tank. 
  15. Pick your favorite color of glitter glue and write your name on the rectangle from step 14 and add decorations to the fish tank. 

This is the perfect fish tank with pets that will last forever! 

We hope you enjoyed this Camp Craft Box project! Parents, share your child’s craft on the Camp Craft Box Facebook Group. Don’t forget to tag @crayola and @craftboxgirls and use the hashtag #CampCraftBox if you share your child's projects on social media. 


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