Sculpey III Glitter Unicorn Ring Dish

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 08 2021

It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with unicorns lately. Since my baby’s nursery theme is magical unicorns, our entire team has been on a unicorn kick. Our production manager, Hope, had a cute idea to create a unicorn ring dish with the new Sculpey III Glitter!  It’s perfect for when I need a safe place to stash my jewelry for playtime. Sculpey has been a team favorite for all types of crafts and gifts. We are so excited to be one of the first to try out the new glitter colors of Sculpey III. It molds so perfectly in your hands and then hardens in my oven for instant, no-fail DIY projects for years to come with the perfect amount of sparkle. 


  • Sculpey® III Oven-Bake Clay 
    • Colors: White Glitter, Pink Glitter, Violet Glitter, Blue Glitter, Turquoise Glitter, and Black Glitter
  • Sculpey Craft Knife
  • Sculpey Work 'N Bake Clay Mat
  • Leafing Pen
  • Fine Tip Black Permanent Marker

Time to Craft: 10 minutes to craft, 15 minutes to cook. 


  1. Using the blue and violet glitter Sculpey III, make two, separate medium-sized balls. 
  2. Next, mix the blue and violet Sculpey III balls together to make one marbled circle with a short rim. Set aside for now. 
  3. Take a long and narrow portion of the teal, violet, and pink clay each. 
  4. Twist the 3 long and narrow pieces together, so it forms a spiral. Set aside. 
  5. Combine a small amount of the white and black clay together to make a gray clay. 
  6. Rub the clay on the surface to make the clay long and narrow. 
  7. Using the sculpting tool, carefully cut the long and narrow gray piece in half.
  8. Twist the two pieces together so it forms a spiral. Pinch the ends and set aside. 
  9. Next, form a smooth rectangular shape out of the white clay. Add smaller rectangular pieces to the side to form the body and limbs of the unicorn. 
  10. Make a circular shape out of the white clay to make a head and attach it to the body.
  11. Add two triangles at the top of the head for ears. 
  12. Take the twisted teal, violet, and pink spirals and attach it to the head for the mane and tail. 
  13. Add the gray spiral to the top to make the unicorn horn. 
  14. Secure the unicorn to the center of the flat marbled dish.
  15. Bake in your home oven at 275 degrees for 15 minutes on your Sculpey Work 'N Bake Clay Mat.
  16. Once your unicorn has cooled after baking, add details to your unicorn using the black pen. 
  17. Finally, use a leafing pen to add finishing detail on the rim of the unicorn dish. 

Isn't this ring dish magical! Be sure to check out all the new glitter colors of Sculpey III, available now on

Sculpey Glitter Unicorn Ring Dish

Sculpey Glitter Unicorn Dish

xoxo- LL

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This post is a sponsored collaboration with Polyform Products. All ideas, projects and photos are my own! 

xoxo- Lynn 

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Sculpey III Glitter Unicorn Ring Dish

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