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by Lynn Lilly, Jan 02 2022

Earlier this Summer I was contacted by a PR rep I work with through Michaels and ask if I would be interested in answering some questions about stocking up on craft supplies for kids and keeping them organized. This was a potential feature for Parents Magazine (totally dream moment). I pulled all my tips, tricks and favorite products together and answered all the questions but they only included one snippet of a tip alongside a bunch of other moms and creators. The article is chalked full of great tips and tricks so definitely check it out here (I am quoted on the last page). Even though they took a different direction and didn't include my interview I thought it was worth sharing. My daughter loves to craft and make a mess so I have picked some tricks and tips that I think are worth sharing. These Below is the full original interview with Parents Magazine (that did not make print).

What are some must-have craft supplies for kids and why do you love them?

As a mom to a crafty kiddo, I love giant art supply cases. They provide their own storage, are easy to take on the road, and can provide hours of creative entertainment. I love that my daughter gets a sampling of markers, crayons, glue, color pencils, and more! Our current favorite kit is the Crayola Inspiration Art Set! My daughter opens this at least once a day! 

How do you keep supplies organized when they're not in use? 

Kids and crafts are messy! Organizing is a continuous struggle and work in progress. Currently, the Lexington Storage Cart is working wonders for organizing our craft supplies. We have one by the kitchen table, one in her playroom and one in my craft room in the basement. I even have one at the Craft Box Girls studio with her craft supplies when she visits me at work. These carts have wheels, making it easy to slide into a closet when you need to hide the mess.  

Within the cart, I use a book bin to organize my daughters construction paper and coloring sheets. The large rubber band accessory case is a lifesaver for storing all those small accessories that normally end up on the floor. I have four of these that fit perfectly in the cart. They are great for storing pom poms, paint pots, brushes, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, beads, and more! They have a clear cover making it quick and easy for my kiddo to grab the supplies she suddenly needs right now!

Are there any brand new craft products or supplies you are loving right now and why? 

Tie Dye has never gone out of style and it definitely hit the top of the crafting charts over the last year. I am digging the new Tulip 2-Minute Tie Dye Kit! It is the perfect kit to use with the kiddos who never like to wait. Our family loves tie dye! From inspirational kindness shirts to a family hippy costume and matching Christmas pajamas we love creating fun unique matching outfits! My daughter Lily made her first tie-dye project and now she is hooked!  

Mommy and Me Crafting

What is your favorite household item to craft with and upcycle? 

100% Craft Rolls…. Think twice before you throw away the cardboard roll from your wrapping paper or paper towels. These are great for easy kids crafts. Over the years we have turned these cardboard wonders into pencil holders, an eagle family, a colorful fish and even a party popper! 

Which craft kits do you recommend for parents who want products delivered straight to their doors? 

We love Michaels same day delivery and curb side pick up to get our hands on craft kits when boredom sets in or when the weather decides to rain like cats and dogs. My favorite craft kits for my daughter are from Crayola, Creatology, and Kid Made Modern. They have kits for all ages and interests! I love that everything you need comes in the kit! 

Are there any double-duty craft items on the market that you love? 

I love crafts and activities that keep on giving. I am always looking for creative ways to teach my daughter lessons and responsibility. She recently got a grow my own fairy garden kit from Michaels. This was a fun activity to set up and plant but it also taught my daughter responsibility. She continues learning the responsibility of taking care of something and getting to see the results of her hard work as she watches the garden grow. 

Craft Carts will always be my favorite for storing craft supplies but they also can work double duty as a mobile school supply station or to even store your child’s clothing accessories or baby essentials (I have one in the baby nursery and it is a lifesaver for functional storage)! 

Craft Cart


Model Magic can be the craft that keeps on giving or be your child’s next great art creation that resides on the shelf for years to come. Kids can play with it over and over again as long as you store it in an airtight container. Or they can create a masterpiece and it will air dry into a masterpiece to keep forever! 


What are some supplies a parent should always have on hand in case there is a last-minute school project? 

Every parent should have a stash of essential craft supplies for a last minute school project or a rainy day craft! I always have the following on hand: construction paper, crayons, markers, pom poms, popsicle sticks, Model Magic, pipe cleaners, poster board, washable glue, sticker letters, googly eyes, and craft foam!

Parents should also always have a good and safe glue gun for when they need to jump in and fix that school project or a broken toy. I designed and launched my own glue gun because I know how essential it is for everyday crafts, fixing those broken toys, and even helping their child finish up a school project. 



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