New Years Eve Party Crafts

by Lynn Lilly, Dec 27 2020

I blinked and the year is almost over! I can't believe I am already thinking about New Years' Eve celebrations! Brennan and I have had so many amazing New Year's Eve celebrations traveling and even with small gatherings in our home with a close group of friends. This year we decided we needed a little mom and dad getaway so we recruited some of our favorite couples to travel with and we are headed to New Orleans to ring in the new year. Instead of going to a big party we are going to do a fancy dinner and a small celebration before dinner. When Testors asked me to host a New Year's Eve themed Crafternoons I thought this was the perfect opportunity to create small favor bags filled with party favors and banner that I can set up to kick off the celebrations before dinner! 

New Years' Eve colors are traditionally black, gold and silver. I love shaking up tradition so I decided to add pops of bright colors! Since I was working with fabric projects I selected Testors Craft Fabric Paint. It is an aerosol spray, that is permanent, washable and does not require heat setting! 

New Years Eve Party Crafts



Directions for the Favor Bags:

  1. Cover your work service with craft paper. 
  2. Tape a geometric design on the mini tote bag. 
  3. Read the instructions and safety information on the Testors Craft Fabric Paint bottle. 
  4. Shake the bottle and spray over the bag in a sweeping motion until the whole bag is covered.  
  5. It will be dry to the touch in about 30 minutes. Repeat with the other colors and for as many bags as you need.  
  6. Once dry remove the painters tape. TADA you have a clean crisp design! 
  7. You can leave it as is or if you like to be a little extra like me you can trim the shapes with sequins. Use a detailed point hot glue gun or fabric glue to attach the sequin trim. 
  8. Fill the bags with fun party favors ringing in the new year! 

New Years Eve Crafts

Directions for the Pendant Banner:

  1. Cut pendants from canvas or cotton fabric. 
  2. Cover your surface and be sure to read the safety instructions on the bottle. 
  3. Spray and coat the entire pendant. I sprayed two pendants pink, one yellow and one blue. 
  4. once the pendants where dry I stuck number stickers on them. Spray 1-2 coats of the black Fabric Paint to completely cover the pendant.  
  5. Once the pendants are dry. Remove the sticker. 
  6. Use hot glue or fabric glue to trim the banners with silver sequins. I used one long strand of sequins to attach all the pendants. 

Even though I will miss my little Lily over New Years I am excited for a little getaway with my hubby and friends. This banner and favor bags are the perfect surprise and delight for our friends! 

Testors Craft Fabric paints are available at Do-It-Best and True Value stores and online at and  Make sure to follow Testors Craft on Facebook for more episodes of Crafternoons!

xoxo- Lynn 

This post is sponsored by Testors Craft but all thoughts, opinions, and projects are my own! 

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DIY New Years Eve Party Favors & Banner


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