The Ultimate Trunk Party Craft Off

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 06 2019

Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Toyota”) provided me with compensation and use of a Highlander for a short period of time. The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my own.

I am always up for a crafting challenge and when my friends at Local Toyota Dealers proposed the idea of challenging my team to a craft off I was 100% in! I instantly got to work thinking up the perfect challenge for our team. 

We got to drive two brand new Toyota Highlanders to use for the day! The Toyota Highlander is one of my absolute favorite Toyota vehicles for its superior safety features, technology, and roomy interior. Because it has a huge trunk and lots of room, I decided to split my team into two groups and challenge them to create the ultimate trunk party in the back of the Toyota Highlander. 

The team had a few hours to create a concept, shop, craft decorations and create the ultimate trunk party experience. They had a $100 budget and could use their Toyota Highlander to go to the craft store and grocery store. They also could use any supplies available to them in the Craft Box Girls prop room. When the time was up, they packed up their supplies, food, and decorations and jumped in their Toyota Highlanders and headed to the park to set up their party for the final round of the challenge. We brought in special judges to add a little crafting heat! 

Watch all the fun and find out which team took home the golden car trophy! 

Enjoy a few behind the scenes photos throughout the competition. 

Toyota Highlander


I hope you had as much fun watching this video as we did during the challenge! When you are in the market for the new car, I highly recommend checking out the Toyota Highlander! 

Xoxo- Lynn

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