Toy Camera Jewelry Box

by Chan Vu, Jun 19 2018

Little girls love playing make-believe and dress-up. It's the age where you let their imagination run free. It helps build confidence and character.  So them play! Whether you have a young princess or a famous movie star living under your roof  I have the cutest weekend project you can make for that little diva in your life.  My DIY toy camera doubles as a hidden jewelry box! This is a fun Mommy & Me project or the "just because" gift for that little diva to shine.

Toy Camera Jewelry Box


3x5 wooden latched box

2 toy wheels

2 axle pegs

3 paint brushes

pink acrylic paint

black acrylic paint

wood glue


2 paper plates

washi tape


1. Wrap the washi tape around the wooden box. Tape up 1/3 of the bottom half of the box.  Tape a small rectangle at the top right corner of the wooden box.

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

2. Paint the small rectangle black and let dry.Toy Camera Jewelry Box

3. Insert the axle pegs into each toy wheel. Mark the excess part of the peg. Use an x-Acto knife to cutoff the remaining piece of the pegs. WARNINGIf you are doing this project with a child, do not let the child handle the knife. 

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

4. Use a clean brush to paint on the wood glue to avoid overflow.  Insert the peg into the toy wheel and let dry. Do this for both wheels. 

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

5. Paint the wheels and bottom half of the wooden box.  Let it dry and then remove the washi tape. 

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

6. Use the wood glue to seal a wheel to the top left part of the wooden box. Don't seal both halves of the box because it has to open into a jewelry box. Glue the wheel to the larger part that doesn't open up. Let it dry. Make sure you can open and close the box without getting caught on the wheel.

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

7. Glue the remaining wheel to the front of the box to create a lens for the camera.

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

8. Let all the parts dry. The glue will take a while to dry. You have a little time to adjust your wheels if you need to but once that wood glue is dry, it's sealed.

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

Now you're ready to fill this jewelry box with bling for your princess/movie star. You can even join her in playing dress up as the paparazzi behind the camera. If you have more than one daughter, this project is great for them to play together. Let them shine on! 

Toy Camera Jewelry Box

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