Tropical Balloon Art

by Chan Vu, Jul 17 2017

Summer is in full swing and the "it" theme is anything tropical. Think pineapples and tropical leaves. One of my favorite tropical theme craft is painting balloons. I saw these on an Etsy shop and thought to myself, "hey, I can make that." So here I am showing you two easy ways to paint tropical balloon arts for your summer party. 

DIY Tropical Balloon Art

Tropical Balloon Art


inflated balloons in pink, fuchsia, and white 

paint in gold and dark green

paint brush (tilted tip)

foam brush

gold balloon ribbons

pineapple stamp


1. Get the balloons inflated with helium at the party store.  Ask for gold ribbons.

2. To paint a tropical leaf, start with a single painted leaf at the top of the balloon. Then paint a line down the balloon as the stem. From there, use light strokes from the stem up and outward. Increase the strokes as you work your way down the stem. Repeat on the other side of the stem the same way. Use either gold or green paint. 

tropical leaf balloon art

3. To add a pineapple to the balloon, use the foam brush to tap gold or green paint on the pineapple stamp. Don't flood the stamp with paint or you will have a blob. Gently press the stamp on the balloon. Reapply paint on the stamp and continue to cover the entire balloon with pineapples. 

pineapple stamped balloon art

4. Continue step 2 and 3 with different colors (green and gold) until you decorated all of your balloons. 

balloon art

DIY Tropical Balloon Art

Spread these balloons around your party space and people will notice that you have a one-of-a-kind party decoration. Isn't it amazing how something so simple can really stand out? Enjoy!

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