Ugly Snowman Christmas Sweater

by Chan Vu, Nov 15 2018

We all know the ugly Christmas sweater is actually a pretty cool and fun sweater to wear. The uglier the sweater, the more festive. December is that one time of year wearing something ugly is actually praised! What better way to show off that ugly Christmas sweater than to host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party? This inspires your friends and their kids to get creative. And if you are invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, here is your chance to stand out and show off your imagination!

This year's Ugly Christmas Sweater is this fun and clumsy snowman sweater. The snowman is all tangled up in Christmas lights! He's funnier than he is scary. Kids will love this project and they won't want to take the sweater off. The fairy lights adds to the festivity. So get the party started already!

Ugly Snowman Christmas Sweater

(Make 1 ugly sweater)


Black sweater or sweatshirt

8x11 white faux fur

battery operated fairy lights

red felt

white felt

gray felt

gold shimmery fabric (optional)

holiday ribbons

acrylic jewels


hot glue gun with glue

white pom

black pipe cleaner

white paper



1. Use the template to trace the snowman on the back of the faux fur with a marker. 

2. Cut out the snowman, facial features and claws. If you are making a sweater for a kid, leave out the claws. A baby snowman doesn't need claws. Hot glue the facial features and claws to the snowman but don't hot glue the snowman to the sweater yet. 

3. Once the snowman's features are done, cut out white triangles to make snow covered pine trees. Cut the black pipe cleaner to make tree trunks. Cut the red, gray and gold felt/fabric in rectangles to make presents. Create a Santa hat using a red triangle felt and white pom at the top of the hat. Tie a bow using the holiday ribbons. Now scatter the acrylic jewelry like it is shimmery snow flakes. Hot glue everything but the snowman on the sweater. 

4. Lay the snowman where you want to glue on the sweater. Behind the snowman's foot, make a tiny hole in the sweater. Tuck the fairy light behind the sweater. Leave enough string to put the light switch in the jean pocket. Now hot glue the snowman to the sweater using scattered dots to glue throughout the back of the snowman. The dotting technique allow room to weave that fairy light around the snowman after it is glued on the sweater.

5. Weave the fairy lights around the snowman like it's tangled in Christmas lights. Flip that light switch and see the sweater glow! 

Note: To wash, remove lights and hand wash with cold water.

You can make one for every member of your family! Let each person decorate with their own creativity. The fairy lights are inexpensive if you purchase it in bulks (set of 5-10).  This is a fun project for the whole family or a group of crafty friends for a Pinterest Party. Now matter what design you chose, the fun is in the creativity. 

Show us your DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater by tagging us on social media @craftboxgirls. 

Happy Crafting!

Chan V.

Special thanks to our pint size models,  Grayson Dinh and Alexander Harris.

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