Yarn Cactus Box

by Chan Vu, Jan 28 2018

This past January, the entire Craft Box Girls team went to Creativation in Phoenix to check out the newest craft trends. My favorite was the Southwestern cacti theme and its vibrant colors. I was so inspired, I came back to Atlanta and created this fun yarn cactus box for my home office/craft room. The vibrant colors really brightens the room with creativity.

To make this project you'll just need a few materials. You can get creative with the yarn if you knit. Since I don't knit, I came up with an easy way to decorate my Prickly Pear cactus. To mix things up, I braided the base of the cactus and wrapped it around a foam ball. The other pieces of the cactus is regular yarn wrapped around the ball. You can definitely add the details of the thorns if you like but I chose to keep it with just the yarn. It's a perfect reminder of my trip to the Southwest.

Yarn Cactus Box


Green yarn

1 medium foam ball

3 smaller foam balls

hot glue

fuchsia tissue papers


3 short kabob sticks

small wooden crate box

crinkle paper, in sand or beige


1. Braid about 10 feet of the green yarn. Tie a knot on each end and trim off the loose ends.

2. Hot glue the braid to the foam ball in a spiral motion. If you run out of braids, continue adding more braids and hot glue it until the entire foam ball is covered with green yarn.

3. Wrap the rest of the foam balls with the green yarn like in step 2. 

4. Arrange the cactus the way you want and connect it with the kabob sticks. Break off any excess sticks. Use the 3rd stick as a stand to hold the cactus up.

4. Unfold the fuchsia tissue paper. Keep the layers together. Cut out two leaf-life shapes. The first cut is 2 inch big and second is 1 inch. 

5. Fan the leaf-like pattern out to make a cactus flower. Fold it in half (long way) and apply hot glue to stick. Fold the bottom section up and hot glue it to the top of the cactus.

6. Repeat step 5 for the smaller (1 inch) cactus flower.

7. Fill the small wooden crate box with crinkle paper. Insert the cactus to stand over the crinkle paper. 

Did you know this can make a great house warming gift as well? Share with us your DIY cactus projects by tagging CBG on social media. 

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Chan V.


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