Craft Roll Gnome

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 30 2022

Project Name: Craft Roll Gnome

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Project Video: 

Project Materials:

  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Washable glue
  • Black Model Magic
  • Scissors
  • Red, green and black construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Metallic Markers
  • Cardboard Craft roll
  • Glitter Glue 

Project Instructions: 

  1. Decide how big you want your gnome to be by cutting the craft roll down or leave it as long as it is. 
  2. Draw a mark onto your green paper at the end of the craft roll. 
  3. Using your ruler, draw a straight line all the way up the sheet of paper and cut out.
  4. Wrap this strip of green construction paper around your craft roll and glue with your glue stick. Hold the ends together for a minute so that they stay put.
  5. Next we will create a square shape on our red construction paper using our ruler and pencil.
  6. Measure out to 5 inches on the bottom of your paper and mark with your pencil. Now measure up your paper and mark at the same 5 inches.
  7. Using your ruler draw your lines between the marks to create your square. Now cut out.
  8. Now taking one side of your square we will roll until we have a cone shape. Glue with your washable glue and hold together for a minute so they stay put.
  9. Cut the bottom off with your scissors until you have an even straight line.
  10. Draw small arms and mittens. Cut each out and glue together. 
  11. Using your white construction paper, draw a triangle shape with some jagged edges and cut out. Decorate with your silver metallic markers. This is the gnomes beard. 
  12. Glue the beard to one side of your green craft roll with the point facing down.
  13. Next, fold down a small part of each arm to glue onto each side of your green craft roll. 
  14. Take a small amount of your black model magic and roll into a ball and shape into an oval.  Glue to the top of your white sheet you already glued on (this is the beard and nose).
  15. Place a small amount of washable glue to the back of your green craft roll. Attach your red cone shape (this is the gnomes hat).
  16. Create two more small balls with your black model magic. Place at the bottom of your green craft roll and push down a little bit so they are indented with the craft roll in the middle. 
  17. Decorate your gnome with your glitter glue pens.

You now have your very own magic gnome! 

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