DIY Lemax Pumpkin Potpourri Village

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 11 2022

It's Halloween time and I am pulling out my favorite pieces to create easy DIY Lemax Villages. Today I am creating a homemade potpourri recipe that your friends can take home. This is built around the show stopping Pumpkin Potpourri House that actually smokes!!! 

Project Video: 

Project Materials: 

  • Bark
  • Faux Florals
  • Orange rinds
  • Any other additions you would like to add to your potpourri
  • Spices and essential oils of your choice
  • Treat bags
  • String
  • Cinamon sticks
  • Small toy skeletons or halloween decor items

Featured Lemax Village Pieces

Project Instructions: 

  1. Add all of your potpourri mix-ins together in a bowl and add your favorite spices and essential oils. 
  2. Scoop some into your treat bags and add your skeleton toy or halloween decor before you tie it together. 
  3. Leave some potpourri in the bowl to add to your Lemax Poison Pumpkin Potpourri Village. 

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