Ugly Christmas Sweaters

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 08 2022

 One of my favorite winter holiday traditions is an ugly sweater party! Today we are going to be making our own small play mini ugly sweaters. The best part is that you get to be the sweater the designer! Make it ugly, make it cute, make it anyway you want! 

Materials from Your Kit:

  • Construction Paper 
  • Metallic Markers
  • Glitter Glue

Additional Materials:

  • Sweater Template (click to open, save to computer and print)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil (or something to trace with)

Project Video:To view the video with subtitles click here to watch it on a private unlisted Youtube playlist.  



  1. Download the sweater template, print it out and cut it out. There is one sweater and a template for the end of the sleeve. 
  2. Pick a color piece of construction paper and trace the sweater on the paper. Cut it out. 
  3. Trace the end of the sweater sleeve two times on another color piece of paper. 
  4. Glue the ends of the sleeves to the ends of the arms. 
  5. Use the glitter glue and metallic markers to create your own sweater design. You an use my designs as inspiration or create your own pattern! 

Take this project one step further and glue a popsicle stick to the back and turn the sweaters into puppets. 

Parents, don't forget to share your kids projects in the private facebook group and if you share on social use #campcraftbox

Happy Crafting! 


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