10 Creative Ways To Clean Your Home For Spring

by Jessica Litman, Mar 01 2018

When it comes to spring, how many of you think of cleaning?? No, just me. Maybe it’s because I organize for a living. Or maybe I am ready to clean the house from the winter and open those windows for some fresh air!

So I rounded up some of my favorite and creative ways to clean your home for spring! These spring cleaning hacks will easily help you get your house ready for spring!

10 Creative Ways To Clean Your Home For Spring

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whenever I start getting ready for spring cleaning, I love using a checklist to make sure that I don't forget cleaning something! Abby from Just A Girl and Her Blog created this amazing spring cleaning checklist that is perfect to get your clean on!

how to make a cleaning caddie spring cleaning

Cleaning Caddie

Before I start any cleaning, I make sure my cleaning caddie is in order. I created a tutorial for creating a cleaning caddie and how I use all the items in my caddie to keep our home clean!

scented vinegar recipe tutorial spring cleaning

Scented Vinegar

I am loving this scented cleaner recipe from One Good Thing By Jillee.  She combined citrus with vinegar to use to clean and disinfect around the home!

spring cleaning pet deodorizer recipe tutorial

Pet Deodorizer

With pets staying inside most of the cold, winter months, your home can start to spell like a pet salon. This easy lemon deodorizer is the perfect way to air out your house without shaming those pets! Wipe up a batch and keep your home smelling fresh!

Cleaning Windows

One of my most dreaded tasks is washing windows. Ours get super dirty with all the snow and salt that has accumulated from winter. But Angie from The Country Chic Cottage shared the best way to clean windows! I am totally going to try that this spring!

cleaning window screens with lint roller spring cleaning

Cleaning Window Screens

This cleaning hack is just pure genius! The Family Handyman suggests using a lint roller to dust off those window screens. It just seems like such an easy and efficient way to get those dust bunnies off those screens so you can enjoy the fresh air blowing through the windows!

dusting binds with tongs and rags spring cleaning

Dusting Blinds

One of the most tedious tasks of spring cleaning is blinds. They get so dusty, so you want to clean them so that dust doesn't float around the house when the windows are open. But what is an easy and quick way to dust them?? One Crazy House has an amazing hack to dust those blinds, even the kids can do it!

cleaning bathrooms natrual recipe spring cleaning

Cleaning Bathrooms

Organizing Junkie has such a useful tip to clean your bathtubs... use grapefruit and salt! The citric acid and salt remove any rings, without any harsh chemicals.

how to clean oven spring cleaning tutorial

Cleaning Kitchen Ovens

Those kitchen ovens can easily get caked on gunk from all that winter baking. Get it clean by following this hack from Melissa at Polished Habitat. I have done this with a magic eraser and it totally works!

Vacuuming Mattresses

Caring for your mattress can seem like an afterthought. But these tips from Becky over at Clean Mama are perfect for spring cleaning! She shares how to remove stains, cleaning, and maintenance for your mattress to help make it last longer (and stay fresh)!

 10 creative ways to clean for spring

Now I feel prepped to get my house cleaned for spring, because these 10 creative ways to clean your home for spring are perfect to jump start my desire to clean! Share with us your cleaning hacks by tagging @craftboxgirls on social media. 

To check out more of my creative DIY’s and organizing tips, visit my personal blog, The Organized Mama or follow me on Instagram!
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