Orange Pomander Tree

by Maria Provenzano, Oct 31 2017

 One of the things that make the holidays so wonderful is the aroma of citrus and spices in the air. My Orange Pomander Tree is one of those amazing scents that is a must-have for the holidays. This is really the best smelling decoration you can have in the winter! Fresh oranges that are pressed with cloves, then made into a tree for decoration. 

How To Make an Orange Pomander Tree





Ribbons, optional

Supplies for Tree:




Foam cone, whatever size you like

Fake or real pine

Small details like fake berries, pine cones, etc.

Wire cutters or scissors to cut the pine and details

Glue Gun

Star Anise (optional)

Directions if making simple Orange and Clove Pomanders:

1. Use a toothpick to poke the spaces where you would like the cloves to go; this makes it easy to pre-design the orange.

2. Stick the cloves into the hole made by the toothpick.

3. Once the design is finished, tie with a ribbon if desired.

DIY Orange Pomander Tree For the Holidays

Directions if making the Orange and Clove Pomander Tree

1. Stick two toothpicks into the foam cone where you would like to place the clementine. It helps to place the clementine on first, then stick the toothpicks into the foam.

2. Stick the clementine into the toothpicks so that it is secure. Using two toothpicks makes it more secure.

3. Start at the bottom of the cone and work your way up.

4. Once all of the clementines are on the cone, fill up the empty space with the pine pieces and decorative details by gluing them on with a glue gun.

5. Once all of the open space is filled, poke the clementines with a toothpick where you would like to place the cloves.

6. Place the cloves in the hole that you poked with the toothpick to create your designs on each of the clementines.

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