DIY Fairy Gardens

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 29 2016

Have you jumped on the fairy garden craze yet?  Whimsical fairy tales have never been so fun! If not this is the perfect time to make a fairy garden with your child or for yourself. Im not going to lie, I am digging these whimsical decoration pieces and they are really therapeutic to make. We are so excited to be making these as one of our advanced workshops at our National DIY DAY celebration in Atlanta on Saturday April 2, 2016. Our host venue, Intown Ace Hardware has everything you need to create the perfect garden! 

Fairy Gardens

What you need: 

  • Container (pot or glass vessel)
  • Small wood chips
  • Dried moss
  • Live Moss
  • Pebbles
  • Rocks
  • Small Plants/Succulents
  • Soil
  • Fairy Decorations

Fairy Garden

Once you get all your supplies let your child's imagination run wild! Have your child make up a fairy story as they are creating their garden. 


  1. Start by putting a layer of wood chips at the bottom of the vessel.
  2. Next if you are using a plant add some soil to the area where you the plant.
  3. Place the plant on top of the soil and add a little more soil or sand to cover the roots. 
  4. Next place rocks, pebbles and dried moss to create a setting. Think about using the pebbles to create a path way or accent with the larger rocks. Create grass and greenery areas with the dried and live moss. 
  5. Add the decorations by wedging them into the scape. If you are having trouble getting them to stand up, hot glue a toothpick to the back or bottom and use that push into the garden. 

Have fun getting creative! To care for these just sprinkle with water once a week. 

Fairy Garden

If you want to help your child make a fairy garden and make something for you! Check out these fun terrariums we made using the same ingredients as the fairy gardens. 

Mason Jar Terrarium


Happy Spring! 

xoxo- LL


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