2 Holiday Handmade No-Sew Gifts

by Lynn Lilly, Dec 20 2021

With handmade gifts trending this year I am excited to be checking off my gifting list with every new DIY project! There is just some special about making a gift for someone and watching them light up when they realize you crafted it by hand! I am continuing my partnership with Aleene's to share two more handmade gift ideas. Today I am focusing on no-sew fabric gifts using Aleene's Fabric Fusion. Fabric Fusion makes creating no-gifts (my favorite kind) so easy and they are washable! 

Project 1: No Sew Santa Tote

No Sew Santa Tote Craft



  1. Print out the santa template and cut out the face, arms, gloves, beard, hat, hat brim, eyes, nose and hat ball on the corresponding colors. 
  2. Lay out the pieces on the tote bag. 
  3. Use the Aleene's Fabric Fusion to glue the pieces to the tote bag. 
  4. Glue the sequins around the felt pieces to add accents. Correspond the colors of sequins to the colors of felt. 
  5. Use the pencil to write a word of your choice above the santa. 
  6. Trace the pencil lines with the sequin strands. Glue the sequins strands with Fabric Fusion. 
  7. For the last step paint details with the Tulip Slick White Dimensional Fabric Paint on the white felt to create Santa's beard. Add two white dots for the eyes. 
  8. Let it completely dry. Fabric Fusion is machine washable but because of the delicate sequins I would recommend hand washing. 

No-Sew Sequin Santa Tote Craft

TADA! This is the perfect tote to fill with goodies for a friend, family member or even a child! 

Project 2: Sequin Tea Towel 

No Sew Sequin Christmas Tea Towel



  1. Make sure the tea towel is wrinkle free before getting started. 
  2. Fold the tea towel in half. 
  3. Along the bottom edge of the tea towel glue the first strand of trim with Aleene's Fabric Fusion. 
  4. Next glue 2-3 more rows of trim above the pom pom trim. 
  5. Let the trim completely adhere to the towel. 
  6. Fold the towel as you would display it. 
  7. Use the pencil to write the word "Joy". 
  8. Lay the sequins over the pencil lines so it spells out the word. 
  9. Glue the strand of sequins to the towel. 
  10. Let the glue completely dry. You can machine machine wash Fabric Fusion but I would suggest hand washing because the sequins are delicate. 

No-Sew Handmade Holiday Gifts with Aleenes

I love how this towel turned out and it looks so good with the Santa tote! I am definitely going to make one for myself! 

Make sure to check out Aleene's website, facebook and instagram for more creative projects! 

Stay tuned I have so many more holiday projects coming your way with Aleene's Adhesives! 

xoxo- Lynn 

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2 No-Sew Handmade Holiday Gifts

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