3 Crafts with Crayons

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 30 2020

To celebrate National Crayon Day I shared 3 fun crafts on the Crayola Facebook Page. Watch the replay below and scroll down for the step by step instructions.

Crayon Shavings Rainbow Art

Do your kids have a bunch of broken crayons? Grab a pencil sharpener and sharpen them and collect the shavings. Turn them into a wall mural or a window display to brighten your neighbors day. 


  • Butterfly Image (print it in several sizes) - Download for free
  • Crayola Crayon Shavings (broken crayons and a pencil or crayon sharpener)
  • Iron
  • Scissors

Crayola Crayon Shavings Butterflies


  1. Shave the crayons and collect shavings on a plate. I used broken pieces to complete the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Keep each color on a separate plate. Crayola Crayon Shavings Butterfly Art
  2. Cover the work surface with a towel or a heat safe surface. Set your iron to medium/low.
  3. Lay the butterfly print out on the surface. 
  4. Fold the paper in half through the design and unfold.
  5. Sprinkle the shavings on the right side of design. Crayola Crayon Shavings Butterfly Art
  6. Fold the half of the paper without shavings over the other half.
  7. Parents, this is where you take over! Lightly iron over the design until the shavings have melted. Crayola Crayon Shavings Butterfly Art
  8. Unfold the design while it is still wet. Crayola Crayon Shavings Butterfly Art
  9. Let it dry. 
  10. Cut out the butterfly following the original outline.
  11. Repeat on multiple sizes of butterfly and either hang them in your window or create a wall mural. 

Crayola Crayon Shaving Rainbow Butterflies


White Crayon Resist Art

Have you been wondering what to do with the white crayon in your box? With the white crayon and a little watercolor everyone in the family can be an artist. 

Crayola Crayon Resist Watercolor Artwork


  • Crayola White Crayon
  • Crayola Watercolor 
  • Crayola Paint Brushes
  • Crayola Canvas or Watercolor Paper


  1. Using the white crayon draw a design on the canvas. 
  2. Once the design is complete, paint over it with one or multiple colors of Crayola Watercolor Paint. Crayola Crayon Resist art
  3. The design is immediately revealed! Crayola Crayon Resist Watercolor Artwork
  4. Once the art is dry, hang it on the fridge or frame it! 

Crayola Crayon Resist Watercolor Artwork

Crayon Name Sign

With all this at-home time, help your kids love their room a little more. Grab an old box, construction paper, scissors and Crayola Crayons to help them create a sign for the bedroom door. Have each child pick out their favorite color of crayon for their sign. 

DIY Crayola Crayon Bedroom Door Name Sign


  • Crayola Construction Paper
  • Crayola Scissors
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Crayola Glue Stick
  • Twine or Yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue


  1. Cut the outline of the crayon out of a cardboard box. 
  2. Draw and cut a shape of a crayon and the decorative pieces out of one color of construction paper. You can download a template to trace and cut here
  3. Use the Crayola Glue Stick to glue the pieces together and attach to the cardboard cutout. 
  4. Have your child write their name or a fun message in the oval. 
  5. Parent's use hot glue to attach the twine or yarn for a hanger. Crayola Crayon Bedroom Name Sign
  6. Crayola Crayon Bedroom Name Sign


DIY Crayola Crayon Bedroom Door Sign 

Have fun creating with your family! Don't forget to watch me every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm EST on Crayola's Facebook page. You can also find tons of at home crafts for all ages at Crayola.com/athome

Happy National Crayon Day

xoxo- Lynn



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  • Patricia Brown on

    Thanks for the free printables! but,
    Is there any way to download and print out the directions for these crafts? It’s better for me to have hands on.

    Thanks! Patricia

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