3 DIY Door Mat Projects

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 06 2016

My front porch obsession continues as I move on to creating colorful and fun door mats that will not break the bank. If you love front porch decor as much as I do, check out my past projects: Hanging Mason Jar Vase & Creative Lattice Flower Wall

DIY Painted Door Mats

I picked up simple inexpensive door mat's from Ikea for $4.99. I was amazed at the low cost of the plane mats as most designer mats cost upwards of $40. I created three simple techniques using painters tape, sponges and stencils. Check out the simple steps below:

Painted Abstract Door Mat 


  • Various colors of acrylic paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Straight or T pins
  • Medium to large paintbrushes
  • Disposable plates
  • Deep pile coir mat


  1. Lay your mat on flat covered surface. Using your painter’s tape, create an abstract design, stretching tape across, up, and down the mat.
  2. Once you are satisfied with your design, secure the tape with the straight pins. Use the straight pins in areas where the tape is not sticking or laying flat on the mat. 
  3. Start with one color of paint and pour a generous amount on a disposable plate. Using your brush, start with one area of the mat and fill in with paint. The coir will absorb the paint so be prepared to use a generous amount. Fill in a few of the sections with this color and then move on to your other colors until all sections are filled.
  4. Once you are finished painting, let the mat partially dry for 10 minutes.
  5. After 10 minutes carefully remove all the pins and the painter’s tape. Be extra careful, because the paint is still wet.
  6. Let the mat dry for 3-4 hours before proudly displaying it!

Watermelon Stamped Door Mat

Watermelon Stamped Door Mat


  • Coir Weave Mat from Ikea
  • Sponges
  • Red, Green & Black App Purpose Acrylic Paint
  • Q-tips
  • Sharpie


  1. Using the Sharpie draw and cut out the outline of the watermelon.
  2. Pour and spread paint on a paper plate
  3. Dip the triangle sponge in the red paint and stamp on the mat. Repeat all over the mat.
  4. Dip the shell shaped sponge in the green paint and stamp above the triangles. 
  5. Once the paint is dry, dip a Q-tip in the black paint and dot on the red part of the watermelon stamps on the mat to create the seeds.
  6. Let the mat dry for 3 hours before using it.

Monogram Door Mat


  • Large Stencils
  • Spray Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Coir Weave Door Mat from Ikea
  • Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive


  1. Cover a flat surface outside or in a well ventilated area. 
  2. Spray the back of your stencils with the Elmers Craft Bond and let them sit for 3 minutes before attaching them to the mat. You want to let the adhesive get tacky so it is easy to remove.
  3. Flip stencil over and place sticky side on the mat and press down firmly.  
  4. Cover all the remaining exposed mat with painters tape to avoid getting spray paint on it.  
  5. Spray the stencil with about 4-5 coats waiting a few minutes in between coats. 
  6. Remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. 
  7. Let the paint dry for 2 hours before using. 

Get ready to have the best looking door in the neighborhood! 



DIY Door Mats


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