3 Easy DIY Lemax Spooky Town Villages

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 13 2020

I am a year-round celebrator but when it comes to big holidays like Halloween there is no stopping the tricks and treats. Part of celebrating for my family involves traditions from baking the same foods every year to collecting a special collectible. Growing up, my mother had her special collectibles and for my family, we are collecting Lemax House every year to build our own special villages. Lemax is a family run company rich in tradition since 1990. As a family-run company, I know they put a lot of love and thought into the creation of their collections and the happiness they will bring families like mine. 

It is never too early to start planning for Halloween! I love my Lemax Collectors Club Spookytown Collection and this year I am sharing quick and easy do it yourself village set-ups that I think you are going to love! From a quick and easy tacked Halloween terra cotta display to a DIY cardboard coffin and a pumpkin terrarium I have you covered! 


Featured Spookytown Houses & Accessories

Check out the all the Spookytown Houses and other year-round collections on Lemax Collection.

Want more inspiration and love pumpkins? Check out these easy set-ups! If you are wanting to go big check out the village I created last year

Easy Kitchen Set-Up

Lemax Collection Village

Lemax Collection Easy Village Set-Up

Lemax Spookytown

Lemax Spookytown Collection

DIY Cardboard Coffin Display

Lemax Spookytown Collection DIY Coffin Village Display

DIY Lemax Spookytown Collection

Pumpkin Terrariums

Lemax Spookytown

Lemax Spookytown Pumpkin Terrarium Village

Lemax Spooky Town Pumpkin Terrarium

Whether you are a long time collector or just starting a collection, it is a special tradition to enjoy with your family! Check out all the Spooky Town pieces plus all their Halloween houses at lemaxcollection.com. This year is the 20th Anniversary Spooky Town and Lemax will be releasing special edition celebration products in the coming weeks!  Follow Lemax on Facebook and Instagram for special releases and announcements.

You can purchase Lemax products at my favorite craft store Michaels Stores, as well as Menards,  Ace Hardware as well as online retailers eHobbyTools and Gift Spice.

Stay tuned for creative ways to design your own village! 

xoxo- LL

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